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Fake Miami Dolphins Baller Who Doesn’t Like Black Women Has Reportedly Been ‘Catfishing’ White Women (& Everyone Else) For Years


 photo fakemteaser.jpg

There’s a guy in Miami who has been catfishing everyone into thinking he plays for the Miami Dolphins. He posted a message on social media about why black athletes run to white women instead of dating black women and now he’s being exposed. Read up on Ricardo "Maserati Rick" Agnant and take notes inside…

These days you can create an Instagram account and turn into whoever you want to be. That’s what Ricardo Agnant did and he had everyone believing he’s a player on the Miami Dolphins roster. The thing is, he’s NOT a NFL player and has been catfishing white women, other NFL players and everyone else for the last three years. Now, after some investigation, he’s being exposed and the truth is out.

It recently all started when Ricardo “Maserati Rick” Agnant posted a reply to Washington Redskins player Lynden Antonio Trail's question on Facebook. Trail asked, “Why do a lot of black athletes marry white women?”

Maserati Rick didn’t waste any time to share he’s so over black women and their “attitudes,” explaining that black woman aren’t “coachable” and that white women know how to “stay in their lane” and be submissive.

Peep his responses below (via BlackSportsOnline):

 photo fakem2.jpg

 photo fakem3.jpg

He made sure to mention how "happy" he is that he snagged a white woman and how it was the best thing he's ever done in his life:

 photo fakem4.jpg

Really sir?

Well, since he put up those posts about black women, it has been revealed that Maserati Rick isn’t even a football player and he definitely doesn’t play for the Miami Dolphins. BlackSportsOnline reached out to members of the Dolphins organization and they confirm he’s NOT a player on the team. But, looking at his Instagram page, you would never know it. He has NEVER played in a NFL game, despite all of the pictures he has posted on his page claiming he’s a member of the team.

So here’s how he has been tricking folks. He uses pictures of other players and puts tons of filters on them so you can’t recognize who’s actually in the picture. For instance, he posted a picture of another player signing a contract with the Dolphins and put all of these filters on it so you can’t recognize it’s not even him in the picture:

 photo fakem5.jpg

 photo fakem1.jpg



The thing is, he has been using extra filters and strategic pictures that don’t show his uniform number leading folks to believe he plays for the NFL team:

 photo fakem6.jpg

 photo fakem7.jpg


The closest he has ever been to playing for the Miami Dolphins is participating in a regional combine in 2014. Did he actually participate in the combine? Yes. Did he make the team? No. But that one day at the combine morphed into a whole new life for Maserati Rick.

And the caption in the post below is a straight up lie:

 photo fakem11.jpg


Maserati Rick had everyone fooled. He was able to catfish his way into test driving luxury cars simply telling them he plays for the Dolphins and folks automatically believe him:

 photo fakem8.jpg

After getting blasted for his catfishing ways, Maserati Rick changed his social media handles, except one. Now he claims he is a Miami police officer:

 photo fakem9.jpg

Of course, there's no record of him being a police officer in Miami. So ladies, be careful! This guy appears to be a scam artist and that's dangerous. Makes you think twice about believing everything someone posts online.



Photos via BlackSportsOnline


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