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Future Is STILL Talking About Ciara In New Billboard Issue, 'If You Give Up On Me, I Ain't Got Nothing Else To Say'


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Future is still bumping his gums about his ex-fiancee Ciara in the newest issue of Billboard magazine. Find out why the Atlanta rapper and the R&B singer broke up (at least, his version of the breakup) inside…

For someone who has moved on and claims they are happy with their life, it’s almost hard to tell. Future is still speaking on his breakup from R&B singer Ciara in the newest issue of Billboard magazine.

In the interview, the Atlanta rapper reveals the reason behind their breakup, and of course, he had nothing to do with it. In so many words, he says since CiCi “gave up on him” that’s why they went their separate ways.

“I feel like everything happened for a reason,” he says. “I’m happy with life now. I’m happy with life, period, even with the end of a ¬relationship being...” 

And then there's this:

“I’m just not going to settle for anything, you know? Even in my life now, I know I can be a better person. I ain’t giving up on myself, so if you give up on me, I ain’t got nothing else to say for you. Because if you give up on ¬something that’s real, it wasn’t real to you.”

So, a woman is just supposed to wait around until you decide to get your ish together? For how long? And it's "giving up" on you if she choses to want more for herself?  Oh…OK.

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The Atlanta rapper says cutting back on his extracurricular activities (like smoking weed and using codeine) to keep his relationship with Ciara intact was a “cornball” move. He also reveals he’s dated other high-profile female celebrities, everyone just haven’t heard about it.

“They had me going the cornball route! What the people don’t ¬understand is, I been kicking it with superstars when it comes to females for a minute -- on the low-low with nobody don’t know-know.”

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Remember when Future said his kids have to“sacrifice” since he’s famous? Well, he stills feel that way. He says he’s a provider and that’s the reason God put him here.

“I’m the motherf—ing provider,” he says. “That’s what God put me here for. Everybody ride what they want to ride, dress how they want to dress, live how they want to live.”

You can read the rest of his interview here.


Photos: Meredith Jenks via Billboard

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