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EXCLUSIVE: Dutchess Opens Up About Losing Her Self In Relationship With Ceaser, Calling Off Engagement, & DATING


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Now that Ceasar has told his side of the breakup, Dutchess is now sharing HER side of their breakup. We spoke with the “Black Ink” star where she opened up about losing herself in her relationship, why she called off the engagement and if/when she’s hopping back in the dating pool. More inside…

As you all know by now, “Black Ink” stars Ceaser and Dutchess have called it quits. Ceasar (short for Ceasar) gave us his side of the story and now Dutch is sharing her side with TheYBF.com.

In a candid phone conversation, Dutchess told us that she and Cease officially broke up in October 2016. After reaching a breaking point, she gave him an ultimatum: They could leave the TV ish alone and live happily ever after OR continue to star on “Black Ink” and call it quits. Apparently, Cease chose the TV life and that’s when she said she was done.

“This TV sh*t it’s so much more than what people think it is. [People don’t understand] the amount of stress and strain it puts on your relationship. Not just your relationship, but your friendships as well. I really just wanted us to be in love enough to walk away and let the drama just be what it is, the drama. But, Cease loves this to a certain extinct. I can’t live for the drama. I can’t keep reliving it, it’s too much.”

She said she loves Cease and always will, but she was in a very miserable situation. The hate she constantly received from her fiancé’s friends started to make her hate herself and that wasn’t healthy.

“How can I be in love with someone when everyone around them hate you? You don’t have friends or family there, you’re just there because you’re in love. Sometimes love isn’t enough.”

Dutchess lost herself in the relationship and said she was miserable. She felt had she stayed in the relationship, she would have ended up doing something to herself. It got so bad, she stopped tattooing for a while.

Eventually, she realized the “hate” she received from Cease’s friends had nothing to do with her.

With the way Dutch and Cease ended their relationship, it appears to be at a point of no return (esp. because we hear Ceasar has moved on with Karlie Redd). When asked if she would ever consider getting back with Cease she said, “It is what it is.”

She dished to us that she's grateful for the relationship. She wants him to be happy enough where he doesn’t have to degrade and belittle her in the media and on social media.

So, is she ready to jump back in the dating pool?

“Honestly, I am focused on myself. I’ve got other businesses and goals I’m working on. I just want to focus on the things that I should have been focused on.”

It’s rumored that Dutchess is now coupled up with Carolina Panthers cornerback Zack Sanchez after she was spotted getting cozy with him during an Instagram Live video. Hmm...maybe she really is done for good this time. 

After finally opening her own shop, Pretty In Ink, Dutchess said it changed her...for the better. It forced her to become more responsible, accountable, and to make better business making skills telling us, “It’s either going to make you or break you.”

That's for sure.


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Photo: Dutchess' IG

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