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Remy Ma Blasts Nicki Minaj AGAIN, Then Snatches It Down (In Part)


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The beef continues.  And it's Remy Ma who's striking again.  Deets inside on the latest in the Remy vs. Nicki Minaj feud (and what Fat Joe had to say about it all)...


Conveniently, right after Fat Joe did a two hour interview on Funkmaster Flex's show on NY's Power 105 last night, a new diss from Remy Ma "ended up" in Flex's inbox."  Here's the snippet:

It's getting mixed reviews in these internet streets, but that didn't stop Remy from continuing to go in with this pic and shade for Nicki:


Here's a snippet from #RemyMa's 2nd #NickiMinaj diss track #AnotherOne (via #FunkFlex).

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Remy took down both posts, but Flex still kept up the diss #2 snippet.

Meanwhile, Remy Ma will be on Wendy Williams' show today:


Make sure y'all tune in tomorrow on @wendyshow #RemyMa #RemyMafia #PlataOPlomo #Barz

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Fat Joe chopped it up with Funk Flex about everything in Joe's career timeline, including what they called "the death blow" from Remy (1:33:00, 1 hour 33 min mark).

He said:

Women don't get along. They all want to be "the one." Remy been chillin' man. Remy been doing black love, chillin' with her husband. She been minding her business, complying with parole. Remy, like she said, if she was talking about somebody she would mention them. So she's battling every girl. A little girl from Texas trying to come up rapping, anybody."

I want to be clear to say my sister is the best female rapper on planet earth hands down.

He went on to say Remy was just fine...until she heard two tracks from Nicki Minaj a few weeks ago that she felt were dissing her. He told Remy to not worry about it and just get her money. But he says Nicki was running the game while Remy was locked up, but she was bullying. He says he feels like the beef was pre-determined on Nicki's end. And here we are. 

Flex said Nicki's making a mistake by not responding because it's bad for hip hop, plus she needs to deliver if she's claiming the Queen of Hip Hop title.



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