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EXCLUSIVE: 'Black Ink' Star Ceaser Says He’s About to Throw A 'Singles Party' & He’s Done With Dutchess FOR GOOD!


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“Black Ink” stars Ceaser and Dutchess are done for good, at least, that’s what the tattoo shop honcho is saying. Find out what he tells TheYBF.com inside…

Is it really over between “Black Ink” stars and couple Ceaser and Dutchess? According to Ceasar, the engagement is OFF...and he’s never going back.

We’ve watched Ceasar and Dutchess share some really good times, like the time he surprised her in Paris and proposed. And we’ve also seen them through some really tough times, like when a chick popped up out of no where at Black Ink claiming C got her sister pregnant.  Yes, the ratchet drama is at an all time high in these inked up streets.

The reality couple has broken up, gotten back together, broken up, and gotten back together time and time again. But this last breakup may have been the last straw.

After that chick stormed Black Ink 125th claiming her sister was once pregnant by Ceasar, the engagement was abruptly called off by Dutchess. And it appears they’re at a point of no return.

TheYBF.com chopped it up with the Black Ink honcho and he told us there will NOT be a wedding, BUT there will be a singles' party coming down the pipeline.

“There’s not going to be a wedding. There’s not going to be none of that. But I’m throwing a singles party in a couple of months. That sh*t over. A n*gga got his ring on a ‘Dear John’ letter.”

That’s true. We saw that play out on the show. He said viewers are going to see the “Old Ceaser” come back. Lordt.

C went on to explain why he has decided to move on:

“She left and I could’t keep playing this chasing game. Every season I’m running after her in North Carolina. A n*gga get tired of that after while. I keep looking like a sucker and swallowing my pride. At the end of the day, I’m a man. And this is the first time I’m giving her the opportunity to come back. My mama always told me, if it’s true let them go, they’ll come back to you.”


Ceaser is also focused on business, thankfully.  The (Tattoo) King of Harlem revealed to us that has plans on bringing Black Ink to several cities. He said he’s setting up shop in Atlanta and the new shop should be open in the next couple of months. Orlando and Houston are the next cities on his list. He also revealed he wants to franchise Black Ink. That’s a good look.

The NYC native also offered up some advice to other black entrepreneurs working their way to success: “When you believe in something, don’t quit!” and “Take what you want. A lot of people give up too early, but if you truly believe in something, never quit."

Ceaser said he left the streets when he was making tons of money only to end up struggling all because he decided to go after his dream. Well, look at him now.

He dished that he thanks God his idea paid off.  He said he's happy he didn't let other people get in his ear trying to douse his dreams because had he listened, he wouldn't be where he is now.

"Black Ink Crew" airs Wednesdays 8/7c on VH1.

Photo: Ceaser's IG

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