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Nicki Minaj Is ‘Too Busy’ Filming Video With Future, Remy Ma’s ‘ShETHER’ Climbs The Charts + Nicki’s Ex-Safaree Finally Weighs In


 photo NickiMinajNickiMinajShootsMusicVideoBmCI7ipgZ_nl.jpg

While Nicki Minaj is busy on the set of a new video with Future, Remy Ma's "ShETHER" is climbing the music charts. Also, Nicki's former fiance Safaree Samuels weighs in on the female rap beef. Get the latest inside...

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We’re coming up on 72 hours since Remy Ma unleashed her lethal “ShETHER” diss track on Nicki Minaj and the Head Barb has YET to officially respond.

Nicki would like us all to believe she’s “too busy” shooting a new video with rapper Future. Which she is. But, when you’ve been called out the way she has, chick needs to be getting her rebuttal together.  A real lyricist has bars on deck, no matter how busy.  Just sayin'.

But, maybe she has her people working on it. Rem did say Nicki has a ghostwriter. And it’s been rumored for years that Nicki’s ex-fiance Safaree Samuels use to write her raps.

Anyhoo, the Young Money rapper is currently in Miami on the set of a new video alongside Future. Decked out in a diamond encrusted bikini and fur coat, the “Anaconda” rapper was spotted in between takes of the new video treatment:

 photo NickiMinajNickiMinajShootsMusicVideo-fIyGqaCgDOl.jpg

 photo NickiMinajNickiMinajShootsMusicVideoNolgSDxIKb-l.jpg

 photo NMS5.png

 photo NickiMinajNickiMinajShootsMusicVideoYiId83EPlNtl.jpg

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Switching up her look for another look, she slipped into this red hot ensemble: 

 photo NMS2.png

She also shot the "Make Love" video with Gucci Mane the day before.

Since Nicki is really big on "numbers," Remy decided to point out a few facts about her own "ShETHER" numbers. As of now, Remy's track is #2 on the Hip Hip/Rap iTunes chart: 



Right after Remy unleashed her Nicki diss track, the Young Money rapper hopped on social media to talk "numbers":



Well, while Nicki is "working," Remy made sure to point out:




Nicki's ex-fiance Safaree Samuels has also finally weighed in on his ex's new rap beef, and he's bascially #TeamRemy:


Photos: Instar/FameFlynet/Nicki's IG


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