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'Moonlight' Blessings Keep Coming, In The Form Of Shirtless And FINE Mahershala Ali & Trevante Rhodes In Their Calvins


 photo calvins1_zpsf1izjhjc.jpeg

ALL the blessings.  And we mean all of 'em.  The men of Moonlight went from suited and booted at the Oscars to shirtless and fine AF in Calvin Klein's brand new Spring 2017 campaign.  We've got every pic you need to see inside...

We already had a major crush on Mahershala Ali since he was kilin' it as Remy on "House of Cards".  Now, this man went and became a father (hot), won an Oscar (next level hot) and now is the star of Calvin Klein's newest campaign (peak hotness)...all in less than a week's time.

He and his 27-year-old Moonlight co-star Trevante Rhodes took it all off for the Spring 2017 campaign, and we couldn't be more here for it. 

 photo 17017108_10154281213416016_8796466389124957158_o_zps9qahhie4.jpeg

 photo 16903447_10154281213636016_3801995857502598011_o_zps9nbqpa4s.jpeg

 photo 17017183_10154281213731016_2470197376352409765_o_zpsk1rjs40p.jpeg

 photo 16903249_10154281213376016_4447627987599310194_o_zpsbjypxxqz.jpeg

Yep, Jesus loves us.  And now we see exactly why all of social media has been super thirsty when it comes to Mr. Trevante.  If you need to know more about him, he was born in the very small and country town of Pontchatoula, LA before moving to Little Elm, TX at the age of 10.  He was a football and track star in school and even went to the Pan-Am Jr. Championship for track.  His breakthrough role is the adult version of Moonlight's starring character Chiron.

 photo 16905049_10154281213461016_6696241021254708546_o_zps5sthtuoz.jpeg

 photo 16825936_10154281213561016_6781146467250371031_o_zpsoshufasl.jpeg


 photo 16903109_10154280655311016_8467881044566699723_o_zpsoum54tsc.jpeg

 photo 16904594_10154280655246016_2982398530063272386_o_zpsq5ntk5v0.jpeg

Even with their clothes on, the hotness is real.


The folks at CK didn't leave out the YBF teens and YBF kids from the film. Actor Ashton Sanders modeled the cotton briefs while Alex Hibbert rocked the tees:

 photo 17038933_10154281213311016_8403720172176349284_o_zps5m2vfljf.jpeg   photo 16992418_10154281213496016_6196034901665692355_o_zpsd88gtt52.jpeg    photo 17016064_10154281213351016_2653703346351833796_o_zpszuqslgfs.jpeg    

The fellas also suited up for the occasion (they wore Calvin on the red carpet last night as well):

 photo 16903423_10154280655116016_5029827722113172430_o_zpsz1cvpcud.jpeg photo 16903279_10154280654766016_6297605376713637085_o_zpsaqtfjvue.jpeg  

 photo 17016991_10154280654971016_4996794883018457719_o_zpspqvh8fn2.jpeg

 photo 16903215_10154280654851016_4984807994183236058_o_zpssz6pqegf.jpeg photo 17016881_10154280654681016_5065449958624009323_o_zpsdbalqlcd.jpeg

Congrats to the fellas!


Photos: Calvin Klein's FB

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