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BLOOP! L.A. Strip Club & Amber Rose Fighting About Whether She's The New Owner, Amber To Be Sued For $1M


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Well, she luv dem stripperz. But they don't love her right now. Deets inside on Amber Rose getting sued for claiming to be the new owner of a popular L.A. strip club...

Amber Rose hit the stage at the All Def Digital Awards the other night and told the crowd she's the proud new owner of Ace of Diamonds strip club in L.A.  It's the fave watering hole of Drake, Rick Ross and every other rapper who comes through town.



Chick rushed off the stage expeditiously before anybody could ask a question, and media reports circulated immediately reporting she's the new HBIC of AoD.

This morning, Ace of Diamonds, who goes by the acronym AoD, said 'Skrrrrt! Hold up, not so fast chick.'  Reps for the club tell media that Amber flat out lied and that she has no ownership of their club.  The former stripper has indeed frequented the club, but they say she definitely hasn't added them to her business portfolio or anything.

Not only that, they're pissed she even fixed her mouth to say this publicly.  So, they want to sue her for $1M for slander.  Damn!

Not one to be scared of a pesky lawsuit, Amber has now popped back saying she's got receipts...in the form of a trademark.  She says she formed a corporation named Ace of Diamonds, Inc. back in December and then filed for a trademark for the name AND abbreviation AoD.  Oh, and she did so in the proper categories of entertainment, gentleman's clubs and live performances.

TMZ reports:

According to docs, Amber formed a corporation called Ace of Diamonds, Inc. and back in December filed for a trademark on the name, as well as the abbreviation "AoD." The docs say the trademark will be for "entertainment services in the nature of live dance performances" and "gentlemen's clubs featuring exotic dancing."

It hasn't been stamped and approved just yet, but she's clearly confident she's going to get it. It also explains why she blurted it out at the All Def Movie Awards.

Is it a case of her speaking up before the ink was fully dry?  Somewhat.  But this receipt also doesn't prove she owns the place.  Apparently, she has plans to take half of the original owners and open up a NEW location also under the name Ace of Diamonds.

Here's the issue though: Whether the original Ace of Diamonds already has their own trademark or not, they have 100% been in business and operating under that name for a period of time.  This fact usually holds just much weight in court as having a formal trademark.

So, it's an uphill battle for Amber to actually finalize the trademark and open up a new location under that name. 

In the words of the illicit poet Gangsta Boo, "Where dem dollaz at?"



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