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B’BALL BEEFS! Shaq & JaVale McGee Fire Shots At Each Other + Paul Pierce DRAGS Draymond Green After Trash Talk


 photo shaqjavale.jpg

The amount of PETTY on Twitter was at an all time high last night. Go inside for the Twitter wars between Shaq vs. JaVale McGee and Paul Pierce vs. Draymond Green inside…

NBA Hall of Famer Shaq is stirring up the pot with Golden State Warriors player JaVale McGee…again.

Although the Warriors defeated the L.A. Clippers (123-113) Thursday night, the “Inside the NBA” co-host still threw shade at JaVale, a player Shaq often goes in on via his “Shaqtin A Fool” segment. Last night’s clip went a little something like this:

Seemingly fed up with Shaq’s antics, JaVale hopped on Twitter demanding Shaq take his “nuts” out his mouth.  This was followed by Shaq roasting JaVale, calling him a “buma**” in a series of tweets. Shaq even issued a threat to JaVale, warning him that he would “smack the sh*t” out of him when he sees him. JaVale popped back, calling him a “old bastard” and telling him to stick to cooning!


Peep the exchange below:

 photo sjt1.png

 photo sjt5.png

 photo sjt3.png

 photo sjt4.png

 photo sjt2.png

 photo sjt6.png

 photo sjt7.png

 photo sjt8.png


That wasn't the only basketball beef ignited by that Warriors/Clippers game...


Warriors baller Draymond Green had some harsh words for Paul Pierce during the game, teasing him that he will never get a farewell tour like Kobe Bryant when he retires. As you know, Paul announced this is his final year in the NBA. Peep the trash talk above.

After the game, Paul had a few words for Draymond:

 photo pdray1.png



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