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COUPLES ON V-DAY: Everybody Was Publicly Staking Claims On BAE


 photo couplevday.jpg

Valentine’s Day brought out the lovey dovey side of celebrities who don’t talk about their relationship often. And some we didn't even know were dating in the first place.  But yesterday was like a BAE probate, all kinds of surprises.

Get it all inside…

 photo futurebritt.png

Just because they don’t talk or post about it much, it doesn’t mean they aren’t wrapped up in love. Some celebrities prefer to keep their love behind closed doors, but Valentine’s Day brought out the lover in them.

After being spotted together in an Atlanta club last month, it appears Future and his son’s mother Brittni are trying their hand at a relationship again. The two spent V-Day together and posted it on the ‘Gram for everyone to see.

The Atlanta rapper posted the pic above (then deleted) with a caption that appears to be dedicated to Brittni and their roller coaster situationship:

 photo futurebritt2.png


Brittni posted up the coupledom shot on her Instagram as well and it’s still there. She captioned the flick, “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a red heart emoji.

Girl, you aint slick...

 photo rose2.png

Nope, this is not a PR stunt or a prank. “Luke Cage” actress Rosario Dawson and comedian/”2 Broke Girls” star Eric Andre (who’s known for pulling pranks) are actually dating.

The couple showered each other with love on their social media accounts in honor of Valentine’s Day and it confused Chance The Rapper. The three-time Grammy winner shot Rosario a text to see if their public love fest was a joke, because apparently, he's got a crush on her.

 photo rose5.png


 photo rose3.png

 photo rose1.png

 photo rose4.png

Congrats to the couple!

 photo seanj1.jpg

We always see Big Sean and his girlfriend Jhene Aiko together, but they hardly show public affection. V-Day brought out his soft spot for his girl.

 photo seanj2.jpg

The Detroit native, who recently dropped his new album I Decided, also showed love to the first woman he ever loved, his mother. So sweet.

 photo tankw1.png

R&B singer Tank went down memory lane, recalling how he and his now fiancee Zena Foster have gone through trials and tribulations.  Apparently the engaged twosome are still madly in love with one another:

 photo tankw2.png

Well alright.

Photos: Brittni's IG/Rosario & Eric's Twitter/Big Sean's IG/Tank's IG

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