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5 Grammy Performances You Need To See (Besides Beyoncé's)


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While many performers played it safe on Grammy night by not even addressing social issues on politics, Tribe Called Quest and co. went there.  And that's why we love them.  Get into the 5 non-Beyoncé Grammy performances you also need to see inside...


5.  Alicia Keys did a surprise "Once" duet with country's "new Taylor Swift, Maren Morris.


Here's the thing: We're all for Alicia's newfound "natural beauty" that she wasn't too comfortable about showing years ago without makeup -- before the celebrity skin treatments and Proactive.  But girl, we see powder.  And sparkle.  All over that face and body.  Nope, it's not a full face beat, but it's a partial kick.  Let's keep it 100.  Beautiful song though.


4.  The Weeknd.

Weeknd may have had his biggest fan (for the moment) Selena Gomez out in the audience cheering for him, but we were all loving this performance. Even Paris Jackson co-signed, the daughter of Weeknd's idol Michael.


3.  Bruno Mars.

Before he killed that Prince tribute, Bruno had everybody swooning over this "That's How I Like It" performance. Yessss.


2.  Chance The Rapper.



Chi-Town's native son took us all to church, and even got the good church folks Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann to tear down the stage alongside him.  Anybody else get choked up during his emotional bars? Uplifting hip hop for the win!

He turned up with Migos last night too:

By the way, Chance is the first black hip-hop artist to win Best New Artist since Lauryn Hill in 1999!


 photo 59thGRAMMYAwardsRoamingShowxNKxDmxSTBsl_zps20io6qbv.jpeg


1.  A Tribe Called Quest. 



Mos Def and Tribe, along with Anderson .Paak and Busta Rhymes, took over the Grammy stage with a vengeance.  They're not here for Donald Trump, and they're making that ish known.  

Busta came out at the top of the segment with Agent Orange shade:

"I just want to thank President Agent Orange for perpetuating all of the evil that you’ve been perpetuating throughout the United States. I want to thank President Agent Orange for your unsuccessful attempt at the Muslim ban.”

Chants of "We the People" and true hip hp took over.

One thing's for sure. Rihanna didn't look like she was feeling ANYBODY last night....until Tribe took the stage.

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