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The Obamas Are Living Life Like It's Golden! Backwards Hat, Pigtails & Unbothered On Vacay!


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Just as we expected, former President Barack Obama and former first Michelle Obama are living it up on a much-deserved vacation. Watching them felt like watching your ex on Snapchat and Facebook having the nerve to happily live their life after the breakup.  More inside…

Ahh! Living the simple life.

Barack and Michelle Obama are enjoying life outside of the White House just as we expected. And Mr. O is keeping it super chill rocking his hat backwards.  Listen, it's well deserved. Not mad.

After spending a week in Palm Springs, the Obamas hopped on a private jet and landed in the British Virgin Islands for some fun in the sun, thanks to a billionaire friend.

The Daily Mail reports the Obamas are having fun with their billionaire friend/host Richard Branson who owns both Necker and the recently opened eco-resort Moskito Island.

Spies spotted our POTUS and FLOTUS heading towards the beach for some rest and relaxation. OK Michelle in the short shorts!

Peep the clip below:



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Here’s a better look at Mr. Obama with his black Nike hat cocked to the back while enjoying lunch with friends:




While former President O has been laying low on vacation, he did speak out against Trumps immigration ban. Of course, he's totally against it:



Missing Mr. & Mrs. Obama MORE than EVER!  Come back to us!  No, for real.  Come back!

Photos: Screenshot/Twitter

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