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Derek Fisher Gives 0 F's What Matt Barnes (Or Anyone) Thinks About Gloria Govan Relationship + Matt DRAGS Him For His Life


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Derek Fisher could give two sh*ts what Matt Barnes or anyone else has to say about his relationship with Matt’s ex-Gloria Govan. But Matt has plenty to say. Get the latest on their drama inside…

Derek Fisher has received a lot of heat after it was revealed he was dating Matt Barnes’ ex/baby mother Gloria Govan. The issue? He used to be teammates with Matt when they played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

A fight went down between the two when Matt drove 95 miles to Gloria’s house after his son called him and told him he was there.

Since the fight, Derek was fired as head coach from the New York Knicks and its been speculated that the reasoning behind the firing was due to his brawl with Matt. It’s even reported that several folks in the NBA community can’t trust Derek because he seemingly broke “bro code.”

But, Derek doesn’t care. In an interview with Bleacher Report, he made it crystal clear that he doesn’t give a damn what anyone, including Matt Barnes, has to say about his relationship with Gloria.

"If the worst thing someone has to say about me," Fisher said, "is that I'm now going out with a woman who used to be married to this guy I worked with for a year six years ago…" He paused for a moment, chuckled then said, “Cool.”

He continued,

"My life has gotten easier over the last several months because there was so much judgment made and assumption passed through this situation that people read about on me, my character and my integrity that isn't true. So it has made it easier for me to focus on me.

When asked what he thought about all of the backlash from the NBA community he said,

"I would be doing the same thing they are doing if I tried to define what is right or wrong for someone else. I just think that's where we all go wrong."

Well, Derek may not care what Matt has to say, but Matt has PLENTY to say.

Matt, who shares twin boys with Gloria, hopped in the comments section of The Shade Room to respond to Derek’s interview. And he dragged Derek for his life.

By the way, Gloria and Matt's divorce was finalized in December.

Check it:

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Damn! Doesn't look like Derek and Matt are anywhere near squashing their beef.  But quiet as kept, not sure what Matt was expecting from his erelationship with Gloria in the first place, seeing that He outed her for cheating on him with the homies before they even got married....

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