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Jennifer Hudson COVERS The February 2012 Issue Of "GOOD HOUSEKEEPING," Says Her Son Barely Recognizes Her Old Self




In the latest issue of "Good Housekeeping," slim and trim Jennifer Hudson reveals that she still has food cravings.....and she indulges in them!  Find out her favortie snack inside and she what she says about her fiance and his Valentine's Day antics.


Jennifer Hudson appears happy and carefree on the February issue of "Good Housekeeping."  She talks about life at home with her Davids, how her son doesn't recognize her 80 pounds heavier, and reveals how she satisfies her food cravings.  Here are the highlights:


On her former size:

“Early on, I remember one of the musical directors telling me that everything about me was too big - my voice, my size, and my personality. [I asked her,] ‘Isn’t that what being a star is?’ Stars are larger than life!”

On her son, David Jr.:

“What’s funny is that he’s never known me overweight. If he sees a clip of the old Jennifer from Dreamgirls, he doesn’t know who it is.”

On her fiance, David, and his Valentine’s Day rituals:

“Let me tell you, this man goes bananas. When I wake up that morning in February, I can’t see through the house because he’s got confetti and balloons everywhere, rose petals on the floor, and candles in every single room.”

On satisfying cravings:

“I’ll find a calm, peaceful moment, and I’ll sit back and eat my chocolate, which I make sure is really good quality, too. Quality over quantity!”

Great tip!

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