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Solange Soothes D.C. With Soulful Set At Peace Ball Celebration + LGBTQ Activists Get LITTY Outside Of VP-Elect Mike Pence’s Home


 photo BusboysPoetsPeaceBallVoicesHopeResistancemKp4CtOq2DMl.jpg

For folks looking to do something other than celebrate Donald Trump’s forthcoming inauguration, Solange Knowles hit the stage to soothe Washington D.C. Meanwhile, LGBTQ activists took a different approach and got super turnt outside of vice-president elect Mike Pence’s home. More inside…

 photo BusboysPoetsPeaceBallVoicesHopeResistanceyFBgYwvbafll.jpg

As an alternative to the pre-inauguration festivities for Donald Trump, Solange Knowles Ferguson was tapped to perform at the Busboys and Poets' Peace Ball: Voices of Hope and Resistance at the National Museum Of African American History & Culture last night.

 photo peacesol1.jpg

On the eve of the 45th presidential inauguration, YBFers hit the stage for an event to celebrate black culture. The night served as a healing session for those feeling uncertainty about what’s to come with a Trump presidency.

And it couldn’t get any blacker.

 photo peacesol2.jpg

Solange’s new LP A Seat At The Table is unapologetically black. So, it served as the perfect tracklist for the evening. Standing before about 3,000 guests, the soulful songtress belted out songs from her latest album, including “Cranes in the Sky,” Weary,” "Mad," "Don't Touch My Hair," and “Bad Girls,” a cut from her True EP.

Peep clips from her set below:


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 photo BusboysPoetsPeaceBallVoicesHopeResistancezYXlxKv3K97l.jpg

Jazz bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding was also on the line up for the pro-black event.

Peep a clip from her set below:



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 photo CoryBookerBusboysPoetsPeaceBallVoicesnjDq9D6XM0Cl.jpg

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker spoke a few words during the event. Early this morning, Sen. Booker issued a message to the masses that now is not the time to give up. “It’s time to get up; to stand up, to speak words that heal, help, and recommit to the cause of our country.”

Peep his full message below:

 photo BusboysPoetsPeaceBallVoicesHopeResistanceqeg5d4mqbNml.jpg

CNN commentator Van Jones praised political activist Angela Davis as she took the stage to introduce Solange.

 photo BusboysPoetsPeaceBallVoicesHopeResistance07GEECRne1El.jpg

 photo BusboysPoetsPeaceBallVoicesHopeResistancey3WgshoUcnHl.jpg


 photo peaccesol3.jpg

Singer Raheem DeVaughn and civil rights activist/Black Lives Matter leader Deray McKesson were also in the mix.

Elsewhere in the city...



On the eve of the 45th presidential inauguration, hundreds of LGBTQ activists rolled up outside vice-president elect Mike Pence’s home and turned all the way up. They gathered to protest his anti-LGBT record before he’s elected into office. If you didn't already know, Pence has a long history of supporting anti-gay policies.

So, the gay community decided to pay him a visit.

Around 200 protestors WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20 got decked out in tutus, rainbow flags and spandex for the twerk fest. They turned up the music and danced in the streets to Rihanna’s “Work." Peep the clip above.

They also chanted "Daddy Pence, come dance":




Below are a few more videos from their dance-off protest:







Well that's one way to send off the vice-president elect.

Photos: Getty/On-Site Fotos

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