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Jennifer Holliday Says LGBT Community Response Made Her Cancel On Inauguration, Blacks Just Called Her Names


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Jennifer Holliday is now revealing the real reason she changed her mind about performing for Trump's inauguration.  And she shades the whole black community in the process...

Just days after announcing she will no longer be performing at Trump's inauguration as planned, Jennifer Holliday went on Joy-Ann Reid's MSNBC show this morning to further explain why.  And chick is about to piss off black folks all over again.

When she was asked why she mentioned only the LGBT community when explaining in her statement why she backed out of Inauguration, she said it's because they made her realize how much they had done for her career.


When asked why the black community's outcry didn't affect her decision, she said it's because they viciously attacked her.

Jennifer revealed on this morning's "AM Joy" show:

“All the tweets that I read from the African American community were directed directly at me. The tweets from the gay community took the issues and did not call me names. Also they have been a faithful community since Dreamgirls to me, and fed me even when the church people didn’t feed me.”

She continued:

“They were calling me coon, calling me house n***er, calling me Aunt Jemima, calling me all kinds of names and asking me to kill myself.  And that was from the black community.”

Calling people degrading names is never "right," but maybe she missed all the names she was called by the LGBT community and many others as well.  But that's neither here nor there.  People pay attention to what they choose to pay attention to.

The Dreamgirls star also said she didn't even hesitate to accept singing for Trump because she wanted to use her voice to "heal America."

“[The Inauguration invitation] did not not give me pause, and I know people think that’s strange, but it used to be where an artist can be an artist, and we sang.”

She also wanted to be clear that Trump’s team did not “trick” her into accepting the invitation. “I wanted to sing for America and sing for the people.”

Oh, ok.



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