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Lil Duval & Gary Owen Will Have You In Tears With Their Parody “Beef” + Khia Goes ALL THE WAY In On Plies & 50 Cent, Alludes They’re Gay


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2017 is serving up ALL the laughs with all the social media beefs that are going on. Comedians Lil Duval and Gary Owen join in on the foolishness with a parody beef. Meanwhile, Khia is calling out Plies and 50 Cent in a series of IG videos where she alludes to them being on the down low. Peep all the videos inside…

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have been going AT it on social media that has transitioned into an all out Pay-Per-View celebrity boxing match.

Taking a page from their ongoing beef, comedians Lil Duval and Gary Owen are at each other’s necks! But, it’s all in fun.

Gary made a video calling out Duval for talking about his aunt and said he’s going to whoop his a** in a fight. He captioned, “Yo @lilduval keep me auntie outta this. I already called @willpowerpacker we gonna set up this fight. This ain't no R&B beef this REAL shit. Keep trying me ho you gonna get run over by the white horse. #RealRecognizeReal #NoPunksAllowed #GetSome”

These fools! Check it: 


Duval responded to Gary telling him to pull up on him since they’re staying in the same hotel. Then, he kept calling him a “white boy n*gga.” Lordt. Check it:



Bitch u in the same hotel I'm in I can tell by yo mirror PULL UP! Oh and FUCK YO AUNTIE! @garyowencomedy

A video posted by lilduval (@lilduval) on


Gary took Duval up on his threat and pulled up on him in the hallway…and security was tight. Ha!



Silly AF.

In other social media beefs:



Rapper Khia is serving up commentary on everything that went down in 2016 on her Instagram page and she’s calling out EVERYBODY.

Chick singled out Plies in several of her videos, calling him a “fairy,” alluding to him being on the down low. Peep the clips above and below:




Y'all know Plies was going to throw out a response:



Khia reposted his video on her IG page clapping back at him. She said, "#hetookthebait Yawl See This BitchListen to this sugar sweet WB frog mouth looking ass fairy vocal range Wait for the "SIGH" towards the end tho. His vocal range going up and down like he singing in church with his pappy Kirk Franklin. Bishhhh voice go deep then high pictched. This bitch balls been clipped Yawl here his BITCH ASS Laughter Listen to him sounding like a fairy. She tickled pink with that soft ass laugh. #theproofisinthesevideos #idontmakethenewsijustreportit #herfeelingssohurticanseeitinyaeyes #gosuckadickandregroup#thekeekee"

She wasn't done there. Khia also went in on 50 Cent and Soulja Boy, alluding that Soulja is 50's "boy on the side."



Get ready for a 50 Cent clap back in 3...2...



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