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EXCLUSIVE: Amiyah Scott Reveals How She Went From Trans Social Media Star To 'STAR' Actress [VIDEO]


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The past week's premiere of "Star" was many things.  We caught up with newcomer Amiyah Scott -- who plays the trans stripper daughter of a church-loving beautician -- about how she landed the role of a lifetime.

TheYBF.com stepped onto the Atlanta set of "Star" recently to get the real deal from Amiyah about her big acting debut as Cotton.

When YBF's correspondent James Terrell asked about her biggest obstacle to getting into the industry, she revealed:

"I think it's waiting on the right opportunity.  I've been very picky.  By me securing this job, I feel that all my waiting was for good reason.  But there's some times where I even wondered like, 'Did I pass up the opportunities? Did I pass it?' And this just re-instilled in me that you don't have to walk through every open door."

On working with the spicy Miss Lawrence, Amiyah tells us it's a whole lot of freestyling.

"It was hilarious.  Lawrence and I do a lot of freestyling.  And it was something that just happened, because we would be so into the scene.  So, say that the tape would cut and we would keep going and Lee [Daniels] would be like, 'Turn it back on!'  It's so genuine." 

And about that war of words they had:

"I know Lawrence outside of this show so we have a love for each other.  So I know before we started filming that [catfight] scene, we had hugged because we knew we were about to take the claws out.  And that's exactly what we do."

Watch the video above where Amiyah reveals the best advice she received from director Lee Daniels and why working with her on-screen mother Queen Latifah was so overwhelming.

More shots below of Amiyah in character as Cotton, a receptionist who side hustles in the strip club and helps the new 'Star' girl group get their start:

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Photos: Fox

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