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Will Smith Gets Choked Up About How His 'Collateral Beauty' Movie Helped Him Deal With Father's Death


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Will Smith got choked up during a recent interview while remembering his father who just recently passed away.  Watch the tear jerker of a video inside, plus insight on his powerful new movie Collateral Beauty.

Will Smith lost his father just a month ago, and he's got a powerful perspective on the meaning of love, time and death -- all three are the major focuses of his new movie Collateral Beauty.

The 48-year-old father of three shared details on "Ellen" about his recent loss and how his new film helped him cope.

With tears in his eyes, he revealed to host Ellen Degeneres:

"I got the screenplay right when my father was diagnosed.  So I'm doing all this research about a guy who experiences death, at the time when my father was given 6 weeks.  But it turned out to be such an amazing thing to go through.  My father and I were sharing it during that time.  So the performance for me, the movie for me and the ideas are so deeply personal."

His father fought the odds and stayed alive far longer than expected:

"My father actually lived for four months.  So what happened is, every day became so beautiful beyond the six weeks."

Will laughed and joked saying, "We were sitting one day, when it was around 3 months.  And he said 'Man, this crap is embarrassing.  You tell everybody you're gonna die in six weeks and three months later..."

He continued:

"He passed about a month ago, but it was so beautiful to have the opportunity and to share this and not hide from it. This film for me is the most personal and beautiful journey for me..."


It wasn't all an emotional chit chat.  The original Fresh Prince had a dance off with an audience member and got.it.in:


A video posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on


Watch the powerful Collateral Beauty trailer below. The movie hits theaters December 16th.


Photo: Ellen's IG

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