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Nicki Minaj Gets DRAGGED -- By Her Own Fans -- For Mocking Mentally Ill Woman In Miami


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Nicki Minaj is receiving backlash on social media for posting a video on her Instagram of a mentally ill woman in Miami. More inside…

Nicki Minaj must have forgotten the golden rule: Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated.

The “ONLY” rapper is getting dragged on social media for posting a video of a mentally ill woman on the streets of Miami. Nicki has been in Miami for the Art Basel festivities that wrapped up this weekend. 

In the clip, you hear the woman yell,“I don’t need your social help” then Nicki asks the woman to “Come here.” As the woman walks away, Nicki starts laughing then she asks the woman what did she do. The woman yells “Go away!” as Nicki continues to laugh.

Check it:



A video posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on


Once Nicki uploaded the video to her Instagram, fans that live in Miami begin to inform her that the woman is mentally ill. Apparently, she’s well known in the area due to her mental issues.

Below are a few comments: 

royal_rosey: Y make fun of sum1 like that.. u could have given her something nice.. instead of clowning her like that awwwwwwww so sad... jus a concerned fan of yours @nickiminaj

daydreamingfornow: The fact that you are laughing at her period is sad....either she's homeless , mentally ill or has an drug or alcohol problem. Your not stupid you can tell its one of the few and none are laughing matters!! Shame on you!

sourpatchxxbreezy: Being mentally ill is funny now? Kinda ironic for someone who claimed to have multiple personalities.

they_call_me_shonda: why laugh at the homeless and mentally ill. what goes around comes around. God gave you a talent and he can take it away. instead of you videoing why didn't you go help the woman out. you could've bought her something to eat and some new clothes. but that's what mfs do when they become famous. talk down on ppl. I pray god take everything from you and let you drag. and bless this woman with all what you have. God don't like ugly

The Young Money rapper’s fans aren’t the only ones coming for her. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI-Miami) is also checking her over the video. The organization tells TMZ, "Nobody would make fun of a cancer patient, and mental illness is an illness like any other.”

While it's likely Nicki didn’t know the woman suffers from mental illness, she could probably think twice before posting random videos for her 69.7 million Instagram followers to see.

Photo: Nicki's IG

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