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LOVE, MONEY & CHEATING: Who’s REALLY To Blame For The Demise Of Issa & Lawrence’s "Insecure" Relationship


Now that you’ve caught up with everything that went down on the “Insecure” season finale, there are things to discuss. MANY THINGS. Let’s chop it up inside…


The season finale of everybody's new fave show “Insecure” went out with a BANG!  The episode was titled “Broken As F*ck” and that’s exactly what it was. Sheesh.

Quick recap:

Issa joins her friends Kelly, Tiffany, Molly for a girls’ trip to Malibu to celebrate Kelly’s birthday. Unexpectedly, Issa’s boyfriend Lawrence finally reaches out to her after completely ignoring her for three days. Lawrence tells Issa he misses her and that they will talk about their relationship when she returns. (We all know in the previous episode Lawrence finds out Issa cheated on him).

Anywho, Issa decides to race home at 1 in the morning (shout out to the sometimes foolish Molly for forgiving her sometimes foolish bestie) so she and Lawrence can talk. When she gets there all of Lawrence’s things are gone, even his pillow. The only thing he left behind was his Best Buy t-shirt hanging in the closet. Then, the camera flashes to Lawrence banging bank teller Tasha (and we're not mad at the aesthetics of that scene, chile) who has been thirsty for his eggplant since day 1. And we’re just left wondering…wait…what's going on?!

So many questions.

But the bigger question is: Who’s REALLY to blame in the demise of their relationship?

Throughout the entire series, we see Issa attempting to be the “perfect” girlfriend, holding her man down after he fell on hard times. She single handedly took care of their household while he attempted to figure things out. She seemingly got fed up with footing the bill for everything when she felt he wasn't trying hard enough.  So, she has every right to feel mad and frustrated with the situation. Does that give her the right to cheat? Nope.

What’s more, why did Lawrence call Issa like he wanted to work things out, only to pack all of his ish and then go get it in with Tasha? Like, what’s really good? Why not just keep giving her the cold shoulder if he was going to carry it like that. Hmph.

So, what are your thoughts? Is Issa or is Lawrence to blame for the demise of their relationship?


By the way...


The memes are doing us in. 

If you didn't know, "Insecure" has been renewed for season 2 and we can't WAIT to see how the Issa/Lawrence drama continues to unfold.  The writers and actors went back to work on Monday.

Photo: HBO

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