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Kid Cudi Personally Thanks EVERYONE Who Supported Him In Rehab + “Hamilton” Star Gives The Perfect Response To Mike Pence Controversy


Kid Cudi publicly thanks everyone who supported him while he was in rehab. Read his open letter, plus check out “Hamilton” star Brandon Victor Dixon’s perfect response to the Mike Pence controversy inside…

Kid Cudi checked himself into rehab back in October for anxiety, depression and ''suicidal urges'.” Now he’s out and doing better than ever.

While completing his rehab stint several celebrities reached out to him to offer up words of encouragement. So, he’s publicly thanking each and every one of them, along with his fans, for showering him with love while he dealt with his internal issues.

He starts by thanking Travis Scott and Pete Davidson, who paid him a visit him while he was in rehab. He goes on to thank Kanye West (who’s currently being hospitalized for his mental state), Pharrell Williams, A$AP Rocky, Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, and many more for thinking of him while he was away.

The heartfelt letter reads:

You’ll recall, Cudi hit the stage for the first time since his rehab stage when he joined Pharrell at ComplexCon to perform their joint track “Surfin’.” He told the crowd:

"Listen, I miss every single one of you, I love every single one of you. I know life is crazy...but we can make it through. I am living proof, I am living proof!"
This past weekend, the G.O.O.D. Music artist joined Kanye on stage at his PABLO stop in Sacramento to perform “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1″ and “Waves.”

Maybe Cudi can offer up some encouraging words to Ye while he deals with issues.

In political news... 

“Hamilton” star Brandon Victor Dixon has message for those who think he (along with cast) was wrong for calling out Vice President-elect Mike Pence at the end of the show last week.

“If people are coming to see Hamilton to leave their politics behind, they came to the wrong show!”


He added, “Our politicians campaign for the opportunity to hear from us. We felt that there was a way for us to do it respectfully. The way it was received, the way everyone responded, the way he responded it a testament to the fact that it was the time and the place.”

We agree.






As for why Donald Trump responded the way he did, Brandon said, "I don't know him. I don't know why he looked at it the way that he looked at it. I can't speak for him. But, we would love for him to come see the show."

Peep the clip above.

Photos: Kid Cudi's IG

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