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Ray J Goes All The Way In On Kanye West & Kim K On 'Famous' Ft. Chris Brown + Young Thug & Future & Their Private Jets - The 'Must Be Nice' Files


Ray J just offered up a response to Kanye West’s “Famous” visuals. And he’s going IN on Yeezy and his wife Kim Kardashian on a track conveniently titled “Famous,” featuring Chris Brown. Get into his petty and check out Young Thug and Future having fun with their big boy toys inside…

Ray J was pissed when Kanye West used his likeness in his controversial “Famous” video treatment that featured him as a naked wax figure laid next to Kim K. The clip Ray caused some issues between himself and his now wife Princess Love, according to Ray. 

Now, the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star is clapping back on a new track. 

Five months after Yeezy released “Famous,” the singer SLAMS Ye and his wife Kim K in a new track titled…wait for it…”Famous.” And it features Chris Brown, who was also included in Kanye’s “Famous” visuals.

As we all know, Kim K got her claim to fame after a sex tape with her and Ray was “leaked.” On the new track, Ray claims Kim was the one who leaked the tape (we kind of figured) and calls Kanye a RAT. Ray even pops off at the Kardashian Family, who rode off Kim’s coattail to build their own careers.

Ray sang/rapped:

“I told you f*ck n*ggas you’d see me in time/And tell all my ex b*tches that’s telling those lies/I told the judge, right hand to the sky/It wasn’t me, I’m not that kind of guy/"She f*cked me for fame, look in her eyes / She was the first one to sign on the line / She was the real one to plan it all out / Look at the family, they walk around proud / All because she had my d*** in her mouth."

Sheesh. He offered up some lyrics about Yeezy personally:

“Want to have me in bed while you f*ckin’ your spouse/You still a rat and your man Mickey Mouse/Got to stay strap when you walk around now/I got me a bad a** wife and I’m happy now”


And look at the timing of the song's release--right when Kanye was admitted to the hospital "for his own safety." 

This isn’t the first Kim K diss from Ray J . We all remember his 2013 track “I Hit It First.”

Take a listen to Ray's newest Kim K diss below: 

The song will reportedly appear on Ray's upcoming album Raydemption. 

In rapper news...




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Must be nice! Well, depending on who you ask.

Young Thug and Future (who recently celebrated a birthday and performed at the AMAs) want you to know they're rolling in dough.

The Atlanta rappers rolled up in their private jets like some rap bosses, parking the jets back-to-back on the runway. We don't know their financial situation, but folks on social media are clowning them for acting as if they own the jets. Hey, owning an airshare for a private jet isn't cheap either.  Whatever makes them happy, we guess. 


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