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REALLY GIRL? Young M.A. KICKS Fan Out Of Concert For NOT Having Her Phone Out, Blames It On The Henny


Young M.A. popped off on a fan during a concert when she noticed she didn’t have her phone out. Really girl? At another show, the rapper apologized and blamed it on drinking too much Hennessy. Get it all inside…


Newcomer Young M.A. seems to be a bit full of herself.

The Brooklyn rapper snapped on a fan when she noticed she didn’t have her phone out to record or snap pics of her while she performed her hit single “Ooouu.”

During her set, she demands everyone in the audience to pull out their phones to record. Apparently, one fan didn’t have her phone (or she didn’t pull it out fast enough) and Young M.A. decided to go in.

“Where your phone at? Why is your phone not on? If you in the front, you better have your phone out or you are going to the back. You been touching on me all night, where is your phone?,” she asked

After asking her several times about her phone, the fan tried to get up on stage. That wasn’t going to happen. M.A. then kicked her out of the concert!

“You gotta get down. She gotta get out of here.”

Seriously? The young lady couldn't just enjoy the experience instead of trying to get a pic or video with her phone?

Check it:



A video posted by Kollege Kidd (@kollegekidd) on



At her next show, Young M.A. issued an apology for kicking the fan out, blaming her actions on drinking too much Hennessy.

“I f*cked up," she said. "I was yelling at this girl who didn’t have her phone, right. I was f*cked up. I was off the Henny. I just want to send my apologies to that girl.”

Peep the clip: 


A video posted by Fameolous (@fameolousent_) on


Humble yourself grasshopper. 


Photo: @ojigys

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