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ICYMI: “Insecure” Star Yvonne Orji Reveals She’s A 32-Year-Old Virgin & Proud Of It


“Insecure” starlet Yvonne Orji is a 32-year-old virgin and she’s totally comfortable with it. More inside…

If you’re obsessed with HBO’s “Insecure” then you know Yvonne Orji, who plays Molly on the comedy series. She’s Issa Rae’s lawyer bestie who has the most issues when it comes to finding a man, however, her sex life is on one.

But get this, Yvonne is the total opposite from her character on the show. She’s in fact a virgin! Yep, she’s a 32-year-old woman and she has not have sex.  And it's a pretty interesting reason.

The Nigerian YBF actress revealed the news in an interview with Power 105’s "The Breakfast Club" recently.

“I’m a virgin, yeah," she spilled. The radio hosts start probing her about specifics, like if she ever tried anal, oral or if she’s ever masturbated before.  None of th above, apparently.

“I’m a virgin-virgin. I’ve never masturbated before,” she said.

Yvonne said she had plans to have sex when she turned 18-years-old. She picked out the dude she wanted to make that memory with, but when she started college (at the age of 17), she got saved. She met a woman who was really into Christ who was a 26-year-old virgin. As a very competitive person, she said she felt that if this woman could abstain from sex then she could too.

When asked if she’s ashamed about being a virgin, she said she’s totally secure with her decision.

“I’m proud of it. Why not? The same way people know somebody who had a one night stand, you can say that and I can say, ‘No I actually haven’t.’”

So does she want to have sex? “I absolutely do!”

Not mad.

The “Insecure” star shared a funny story that went down while filming a sex scene in episode six. She said Debbie Allen (who directed the episode) stopped that up-against-the-wall-sex-scene between herself and Langston Kerman (who plays Jered) and she had him get behind her (Debbie) and start pumping doggy style. *Grips pearls*

She said Langston was a bit hesitant about getting behind the Hollywood legend, but Debbie nonchalantly said, “Get behind me and just pump! Baby you did this before.” Ha!

After rehearsals, the production crew said they were off beat, so she called Langston up and they ended up having to practice their “groove” in the bathroom.

Later, she talked about her dating life as a virgin, being bullied when she was younger, growing up with a Nigerian mother and more.

Check it below:

Be sure to tune in for episodes of "Insecure" on Sunday nights at 10:30PM EST on HBO.


Photos: Getty/Yvonne's IG

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