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Odell Beckham Jr. Had EVERYONE In The Strip Club Searching For His Lost Pinky Ring + Apollo BLASTS Fiancée’s Ex-Husband With Child Support Receipts


Odell Beckham Jr. lost a $10,000 pinky ring in the strip club, so he had everyone searching the spot for it. He even offered up a reward. Meanwhile, Apollo Nida is blasting his fiancée’s ex-husband for unpaid child support…with receipts. More inside…


New York Giants baller Odell Beckham Jr. was distraught after losing a $10,000 diamond encrusted pinky ring in the strip club this week. The popular wide receiver was dancing it up at Sin City Cabaret in the Bronx when his luxury piece slipped off his finger. 

The 24-year-old, above snapping it up with DJ Prostyle that night, started freaking out that he couldn’t find his ring, so he offered up an unspecified amount of money as a reward to anyone who found it. The club’s staff joined in on the ring hunt, using flashlights to canvas the venue in hopes to find it. Super Bowl hero Von Miller was also in the club, likely helping his friend look for the piece. 

Unfortunately for Odell, it wasn't found and no one turned it in.

Yesterday, reporters asked him about his strip club visit and his lost ring, but he acted as if he had no idea what they were talking about. “I don’t know anything about that,” he said.

Reporters kept probing him about it and he seemed to get a big agitated responding,“Are we at the New York Giants facility, at work?" A reporter said yes and he said,“Alright. That’s what we’re talking about.”

It’s being reported that Odell frequents the strip club, but he didn’t want to admit he was there Thursday night. Maybe he was breaking an NFL pre-game rule. Who knows, they have so many.

Sounds like someone picked that ring up and dipped off with it for a quick come up.

By the way, the Giants take on the Chicago Bears this Sunday at MetLife Stadium. 

In reality TV news...



A photo posted by Sherien (@queensherien) on


Apollo Nida is getting on his petty game to defend his new fiancée Sherien Almufti.

Once news surfaced that Apollo got engaged, Sherien’s ex-husband Derrick Copes has been speaking out about his disapproval. While he doesn’t care that Sherien has moved on to a new relationship, he’s pissed she’s taking their 8-year-old daughter with her to see Apollo in prison at the Fort Dix Federal Correctional Facility.

Derrick told the media he recently stopped paying $450/month in child support because he’s mad she’s taking their daughter to a prison. He said, “I’m not giving her child support right now because she’s taking my daughter to prison and I have asked her numerous times to stop doing so.”

Well, Sherien must have talked to her future husband about it and now, receipts have surfaced to prove Derrick hasn’t been paying child support for a while!

It appears Derrick didn’t just recently stop paying child support. He allegedly owes more than $8,700 in unpaid support. Apollo (or whomever is controlling his Instagram account—which could likely be Sherien) posted up Derrick’s child support paperwork that shows he’s thousands of dollars in arrears (then deleted):

If you do the math, Derrick hasn't paid child support in the last 19 months or so. Damn homie.  

Sherien joined in on dragging her ex-husband, posting a text conversation between herself and a friend about Derrick not paying child support:


Well there you have it. 

Photos: @prostyle/Apollo’s IG/ Sherien’s IG

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