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Pharrell Gets Major Commitment From Hillary Clinton, Joins Her On Campaign Trail


Pharrell Williams got a major promise from Hillary Clinton to help deliver music and arts programs for at risk kids while campaigning for her in NC yesterday. Bernie Sanders even hopped on the trail with the twosome. Details and pics inside…

Pharrell Williams is #WithHer.

Yesterday, the superproducer joined Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. The “Happy” hitmaker and politician were spotted exiting Hillary’s plane at Raleigh-Durham International Airport before trekking it to a rally.

They were headed to greet students at North Carolina Central University before making their way to Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek for the rally.

Joining them on stage was Hillary’s former rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders. As they made their way on stage, Pharrell’s “Happy” track blared through the speakers.

“This country hasn’t always been fair to all people, especially my culture,” Pharrell said. “But I think Hillary’s going to help fix these wrongs. She’s made some commitments. She made some commitments. Whether it’s pay equality for women, free public college tuition ... and very important to me, addressing the mass incarceration issue of 1994.”

Peep a clip of his speech below:

Following Pharrell’s speech, Mrs. Clinton took the podium to make a huge commitment to helping at risk kids with music and arts programs, something Pharrell holds close to his heart.

“I’m especially pleased to have Pharrell here,” Hillary told the crowd.“Every time I see him, which is not often enough, we always have a good conversation like we did before this event. He always gets you to think. Not only is he a world class talent but he is a passionate advocate for issues.”

She continued,“I’m going to do everything I can help him to deliver giving kids who are at risk access to education and arts programs that they deserve to have.”



Sen. Sanders also spoke at the rally, reminding everyone that the presidential election isn’t about anyone but the voters.

“Despite what media may tell you this campaign is not about Hillary Clinton," he told the audience. “It is not about Donald Trump. It is not about Bill Clinton. This campaign is about you."

He continued, “And this campaign is not a personality contest. We’re not voting for high school president. We’re voting for the most powerful leader in the entire world. What this campaign must be about is which candidate has the experience and the vision to work for the middle class and the working class and the families of our country. Without a shadow of a doubt that candidate is Hillary Clinton our next president.”


Earlier this week, Pharrell sat down with Variety for their Inclusion summit held at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. Pharrell addressed those who call Hillary dishonest amid the email scandal saying,

"Has she been dishonest about things? Sure. Have you?,” he asked. “She don't lie no more than any other politician does. You don't realize that you're being gender biased. ‘Well, I don't trust her,’ but you trust him?”

Check it at the 5:00 mark below:




Photos: Getty/AP

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