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EVERYONE GETS CIGARS & RUM! Travelers Can Now Bring Cuban Cigars & Rum Back To The U.S., Thanks To POTUS


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It’s about to be LITTY in the States! If you have plans to travel to Cuba, you’ll be happy to know you can bring back some Cuban goodies if you so please. Get the latest on President Barack Obama’s new regulations on Cuban goods inside…

In the words of D.L. Hughley, “Normally, I don't do this, but, go on head, keep the party going!”

Travelers who love Cuban cigars and rum will be happy to know that a new executive order has been put in place for Americans to get their hands on the goods.

According to USA Today, the Obama administration announced a new way to increase trade and travel with the communist island: No more restrictions on the Cuba's famed rum and cigars. Aye!

Now, U.S. travelers are allowed to purchase unlimited (you read that right) quantities of Cuban cigars and rum in any country where they’re sold (as long as its for personal consumption) and will be allowed to bring it back to the States. For those of you who don’t have plans on traveling out of the country, unfortunately you can’t order ish online and have it sent to your home. Sorry!

Cuban cigars and rum aren't the only things allowed in now. USA Today also reports:

The regulations issued by the U.S. departments of Commerce and Treasury will make it easier for U.S. companies to import Cuban-made pharmaceuticals, U.S. agricultural companies to sell their products to the island and Cubans to purchase U.S.-made goods online.

The changes follow a series of steps taken since President Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro (above) announced on Dec. 17, 2014, that the Cold War foes would normalize relations after more than a half century of enmity.

Get those glasses and lighters ready.

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