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NYC STAND UP: Alicia Keys Takes Over Times Square With Jay Z, Nas & More, Flips The Bird At Donald Trump


 photo keysnyctease.jpg

Total NYC takeover! Alicia Keys rocked out Times Square with her NYC buddies Jay Z, Nas and more. She also flipped the bird at Donald Trump over his sexist comments. Peep pics and videos from her epic set inside…

 photo AliciaKeysCelebratesUpcomingNewAlbum-d92cAhwpxMl.jpg

Alicia Keys said she was going to take over Times Square. And that’s exactly what she did last night.

Still makeup-less and full of positive vibes, the multi-Grammy Award winning singer took center stage in the middle of the Big Apple to perform her catalog of hits (along with a few new tracks) in celebration of her upcoming studio album Here, set to drop on Nov. 4th.

 photo AliciaKeysCelebratesUpcomingNewAlbumiRiSOSLS9ovl.jpg

The R&B sonsgtress performed "If I Ain't Got You'", "No One," "Fallin'," "You Don't Know My Name," "In Common," and new songs from her upcoming album including "Holy War," "She Don't Really Care," and her new single "Blended Family" (What You Do For Love)" featuring A$AP Rocky.

 photo AliciaKeysCelebratesUpcomingNewAlbumhWFHcFbabP0l.jpg

As you all know, Alicia has been on the women empowerment wave for years. She recently dropped a new track from her LP titled "Blended Family (What We Do For Love)" where she salutes her blended family with her husband Swizz Beatz. Alicia and Swizz's ex-wife/son's mother Mashonda even joined forces for the video treatment. 

 photo AliciaKeysCelebratesUpcomingNewAlbumVtTLdoE44FZl.jpg

 photo AliciaKeysCelebratesUpcomingNewAlbumOCeAryXLe2-l.jpg

During her performance, Alicia took a moment to address Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s sexist comments he said about grabbing a woman by her “p****” in a leaked video from 2005. Alicia didn’t have many words…just one gesture!

Check it below:

Joining the "28 Thousand" singer on stage...

 photo AliciaKeysAliciaKeysCelebratesUpcoming7ixXAZdsxHql.jpg

 photo AliciaKeysAliciaKeysCelebratesUpcoming_ipS9kF8v0zl.jpg

Hip Hop mogul Jay Z graced the stage with his presence to perform “Empire State of Mind.” And y’all know the crowd lost it.

 photo AliciaKeysCelebratesUpcomingNewAlbumfYoAyZB9hsRl.jpg

Sexy Nas popped up on stage for a duet of "One Love" and "She Don't Really Care."

 photo AliciaKeysCelebratesUpcomingNewAlbumI4Gc5ddEFAll.jpg

Q-Tip duetted with Alicia on "You Don't Know My Name."

 photo QuestloveAliciaKeysCelebratesUpcoming3aCkERs3eukl.jpg

Alicia brought out singer John Mayer for a mash up of "If I Ain't Got You" and his song "Gravity" with Questlove playing the drums.

For the encore, Alicia celebrated the music and activism of John Lennon in honor of his birthday. Times Square was illuminated with social justice messages in the style of Lennon's iconic "War Is Over!" visual across the giant digital billboards.

And of course..

 photo akeysjayz3.png

 photo akeysjayz2.png

Her hubby Swizz Beatz and their kids were in the audience.


Peep clips from the concert below:










And here's A. Keys geeked out before hitting the stage: 



A video posted by Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) on



Photos: Getty/Splash/Swizz’s IG

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