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Wale’s Mini Food Fight With A Random Chick Was NOT His Fault + Beanie Sigel Comes For Meek Mill In 2nd Diss Track “Goodnight”


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Never disrespect Wale because he goes from 0-100 real quick. But this particular incident wasn’t his fault. Get the deets on the MMG rapper knocking food out of a random chick’s hand and take a listen to Beanie Sigel’s SECOND Meek Mill diss track “Goodnight” inside…

Folks love trying celebrities. And celebs like Wale are an easy target because he’s known for losing his cool in a split second.

Apparently, Wale was involved in a situation where a girl blew smoke in his face as he left Boosty Bellows Tuesday night. He retaliated. No, he didn’t hit her, but he did knock her leftover food out of her hand. And it was all caught on video.

Check it:

Apparently, it was all a misunderstanding. The girl in the neon jacket (Bana Bongolan) in the clip above says it wasn’t Wale’s fault. Bana is the girlfriend to the lady whose food got knocked out of her hand.

Bana told TMZ she got into an argument with a guy inside the club after he called her neon jacket ugly, or something of that sort. She popped back by calling him fat and for whatever reason Wale tried to play peacemaker to diffuse the situation. Unfortunately, that’s when ish went left and she blew smoke in his face.

Wale also spoke with TMZ (while holding his daughter Zyla Moon) and he claims the woman said something along the lines of calling categorizing him as “you people” and that’s what set him off. Bara claims they never said anything racist. Guess it’s his word against hers. Either way, everything seems to be cool now.

In rap beef news...


Beanie Sigel is back with another Meek Mill diss track! Following the release of his first diss record, “I’m Coming,” Beans is back for another roast session for his “friend” turned foe. Ish went sour after Beanie revealed he helped Meek write his rhymes for his diss track aimed at The Game.

On the track, he raps,

“The reason Philly even on the map, me!/ the reason your silly a** raps, me!/ you [sic] motherf***a, and I tried to give you some game that Jay gave me/ to make the transition from the street to the fame/ but you got a little fame and tried to add street to ya name, it ain't the same," Beanie raps mid-verse. He would go on to transition from talking industry to talking the streets, questioning the credibility of the Dream Chasers boss' rhymes. "What ya life like? Feel It In The Air; where them bars at?/ You ain't been through s**t, you can't record that/ the respect I get, you can't afford that/ you ain't been through wars, hugging your boys, crying; might not make it back but you're riding/ you lying!"

Take a listen above.

The Broadstreet Bully isn’t playing any games. What’s good Meek?


Photos: Wale's IG

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