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OH? Former WWE Star Ric Falir Claims He Smashed Halle Berry Back In The Day


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WWE star Ric Flair is airing some of his dirty laundry, spilling tea that he smashed Halle Berry. OH? More inside…

In a world where it seems nothing is sacred anymore, former WWE star Ric Flair -- who still pops up on "Monday Night Raw" from time to time since his daughter is now a WWE Diva -- is opening up about his past sexcapades.  We didn't care in the least bit....until he revealed one of his late night rendezvous involved YBF chick Halle Berry. Hmph.

The WWE (back then, WWF) legend, during the latest podcast episode of The Ric Flair Show, revealed he smashed the Oscar winner back in the day. A fan called in to inquire if any celebrities took a ride on “Space Mountain” and that’s when Ric decided to spill some tea. FYI – Ric refers to his man parts as “Space Mountain,”

Apparently, several celebrities have taken a ride on “Space Mountain” and he specifically named Halle.

He said, "Several dozen. Do you want me to start with Halle Berry?"

He added, "Of course she did. She was in Atlanta and she just got divorced from [former baseball player] Dave Justice."

Wait, was he trolling or telling the truth?

"Would I have to make up a lie?," he said.


Peep the interview below:

News to us! 

Ric Flair WAS the man back in the day.  Do you believe him, or nah?


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