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Viola Davis Shares Personal Sexual Assault Stories At Rape Foundation Brunch + Idris Elba Pops Up At Clothing Store In Sydney


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Viola Davis and the “How To Get Away With Murder” cast made their way to The Rape Foundation’s annual brunch. Read up on the personal sexual assault stories Viola shared and peep pics of Idris Elba in Sydney inside…

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The “HTGAWM” cast joined lead actress Viola Davis for The Rape Foundation’s annual brunch held in Beverly Hills yesterday. Viola serves as an advocate for the foundation and delivered a powerful speech during the soirée where she was being honored.

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The Suicide Squad star shared very intimate stories about how she, her sisters and friends were groped by men at such young ages. It’s sort of a hard read. Below are a few highlights:

"Listen, when I was young, there were so many men in the neighborhood who gave you money if they could touch you," she continued. "Going over to a friend's house for a birthday party at the age of seven, there was always someone there who touched you."

"My sister Danielle was 8 years old when she was on roller skates and went down to the corner store at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and was sexually assaulted in the aisles," said Davis. "She told my mom right away – my mom ran down to the store. The store owner's response was: 'He does that to all the little girls.' "

"My mom flagged down the police, and the perpetrator did pay," she continued. "He paid. He was fined $10 a month. It's over for him, but I'd like to redefine survivor."

"Memories demand attention, because memories have teeth," continued the actress. "That sexual assault perpetrator can move on. The only person who rapes is the rapist. The person who is left behind has to pay over, and over, and over again."

So true.

She left the audience with three wishes:

"Number one, if you have not visited the Rape Treatment Center or the Stuart House, you must. That's all I'll say, then I'll let your heart do the rest," she said. "Number two, it's like the famous Shakespeare quote: 'To whom should I complain?' If you have anyone in your life that you know, or if you don't know is a rape survivor then listen because truly whatever you say, if you feel ashamed in any way of your story – shame cannot exist if you tell it to people who have empathy."

"And number three, that in your mind today, listen," she said. "I'm with Emile Zola, I want to 'live out loud.' I do," she said.

So sad.

You can read the rest of her speech here.


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Hottie Idris Elba popped up at the Superdry clothing store at Westfield Bondi Junction in Sydney, Australia. We're kind of feeling the shabby, laid back look.


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The YBF actor took a break from filming Thor: Ragnarok for a quick retail run where he stopped to chop it up with adoring fans.

Be on the look out for Idris in the upcoming Dark Tower adventure film set to hit theaters February 17, 2017.

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