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Celebs Pay Tribute To Actor Bill "Radio Raheem" Nunn After His Death


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In sad news, actor Bill Nunn has died at the age of 62. See how celebs are paying tribute to the veteran actor inside….

Actor Bill Nunn, best known for his role as Radio Raheem in Spike Lee’s film Do The Right Thing, has died at the age of 62.

Famed filmmaker Spike Lee, who worked with Bill on films such as He Got Game, School Daze, and Mo Better Blues confirmed Mr. Nunn passed away yesterday in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa. Bill Nunn also starred opposite Whoopi Goldberg in the classic film Sister Act. Most recently, he starred in USA's “Sirens” series as a Vietnam war veteran named Cash.

Spike wrote a heartfelt message on his passing:


Spike followed up with another tribute to the late star:


Radio Raheem. Let me tell you the story of Right Hand, Left Hand. It's a tale of good and evil. Hate! It was with this hand that Cane iced his brother. Love! These five fingers, they go straight to the soul of man. The right hand: the hand of love. The story of life is this: static. One hand is always fighting the other hand, and the left hand is kicking much ass. I mean, it looks like the right hand, Love is finished. But hold on, stop the presses the right hand is coming back. Yeah, he got the left hand on the ropes, now, that's right. Yea, Boom, it's a devastating right and Hate is hurt, he's down. Ooh! Ooh! Left-Hand Hate KOed by Love. If I love you, I love you. But if I hate you...Mookie: there it is, Love and Hate. Raheem I love you bruh...

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Several YBF celebs sent out condolences and tributes on social media, remembering Bill Nunn as an exceptional actor and great guy. Peep the tributes below: 























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