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R. Kelly & Rumored Girlfriend Halle Calhoun Party It Up In Atlanta Amid Engagement Rumors + Hot Tea Spilled About His "Harem Of Women"


 photo KellyR2.jpg

R. Kelly and his new main squeeze Halle Calhoun were spotted hitting the party scene in Atlanta amid alleged rumors that he wants to marry the 19-year-old. Chile…

Peep their party pics and sip some hot tea on his supposed “harem of women” inside…

R. Kelly and his new rumored girlfriend Halle Calhoun hit the party scene in Atlanta last night. The 49-year-old singer and his 19-year-old companion (yes, 19) hit up Gold Room for a fun night out on the town.

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Word on the curb is that Kellz is head-over-heels in love with Halle. So much so, that he’s rumored to be ready to pop the question to the young lady. Sound familiar?

Kellz and Halle allegedly met at one of his concerts in North Carolina that she attended with her mother. Since then, the two have been joined at the hip.

 photo KellyR1.jpg

Chick was right by his side in his VIP section at Gold Room, snapping pics with the Grammy winner and his fans:

 photo KellyR4.jpg

 photo KellyR3.jpg

As we all know, R. Kelly has a sketchy past when it comes to dealing with females much younger than him. He allegedly married late singer Aaliyah when she was only 15-years-old. Not only that, he was charged with child pornography when sex tapes surfaced that allegedly showed him having relations with underage girls. He was later acquitted in 2008.

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Now for some tea.

Anonymous sources hit up Fameolous to dish the dirt on R. Kelly's new main squeeze and his "harem of women" that he keeps with him everywhere he goes. The source confirmed how Kelly and Halle met and said Halle's mom is "pimping her out." The source said Halle is just one of Kelly's "girlfriends" he uses for sex. Sip the tea below:


Email Tip on #RKelly So I've been pondering whether to blow R.'s spot but I figured since this whole Halle debacle is gaining friction that I'd drop some tea. So here it goes... #1 Halle is 21, NOT 19. #2 She's not his girlfriend or fiance but R. is def. trying to warm her up to be a part of his harem. Halle met R. twice at his shows. He invited Halle to spend time at his home in Atlanta once the first leg of his tour wrapped up. Halle's mom is a dumb, oldhead groupie who really thinks that R. Kelly is just introducing her daughter to producers, writers, etc. despite the fact that she doesn't even do music, lol. Let me tell you this, one of R.'s girlfriend's family thinks she's creating music with R. but she's really just one of his girlfriends who he uses for sex but I digress. Anyway, Halle is just his new fuck. A lot of people warned her about how R. gets down and how he has many girlfriends but she deleted all the comments. So it's safe to say she's being 'trained' to be a part of his harem and she accepted so I can't feel too bad. Anyway, R. Kelly has about 5 live-in girlfriends.[I don't want to provide names cause these women may move on with lives in the future. They will most likely want to do more with their life instead of being R. Kelly's sex toy.] ☕ Part1/2

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Part2/2 Email Tip on #RKelly: They're a harem. Some of them have been around for almost a decade and others 3+ years. They travel on the road with him, they do whatever he says, when he says it. They all have sex with each other and with R. Their ages are between early 30's to 19, so they're all legal. They can be seen at his shows. Front row and they never make eye contact. All of them walk with their heads down and wearing baggy clothes. They can also be seen in a group wherever he's playing basketball. Sara is just his girlfriend that he flies out to Chicago or whatever city he's in. She's not really mingling with his harem or sitting up at his studio like his other women do. Many didn't know about her until she decided to post a picture of them and tell Halle that R. is her man. Truth is, R. is community dick. He has many women (outside of his harem) that he rotates. I feel bad for Sara cause she most likely was fooled into thinking she was his only girl... But the gag is Sara has fucked with his harem, as well. So I don't know why she's acting shocked about the new edition to the harem. I do know that he treated Sara different than the rest of them so perhaps there is love there. He didn't dictate how she dresses or what she does with her life while with him. In comparison to his harem, he treats her like royalty. He lets her be so I do think he may see her as more than pussy. So yea, all of his women have to be down with lesbian sex and to get "turned out" by his bottom b!tch, Juicy. This is the first thing he tells them. Juicy will eat any pussy right on the spot. [Oh and be sure to mention Juicy aka Andrea Payton and from Chicago] So he can eventually drop this toxic bitch☕

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Another woman came forward to confirm what the other source said about his bevy of girlfriends. She wrote:



I verified this tip myself about #RKelly so i'm reposting it. This is the second woman to come forward about his behavior. DM Tip: That story about rob is DEFINITELY tru i know first hand i met him in 2007 while he was going through that last sex trial. I was 19 at the time. I had been dealing wit him for 4 years. I just recently stopped talking to him friend wisethis year because my husband was jealous of our friendship. The last time i spoke wit him which was February sometime he told me he had a baby on the way. All in all we stopped dealing on an intimate level because i refused to listen to him. I used to be in a room for days at his mansion he used to have in Olympia Fields and he would bounce from room to room because it was like 4 of us. I have years of stories but i just thought i wud say that tip IS DEFINITELY TRUE. but dont put my name out please i am married with a child and work for the government and i still can call if need be and dont want to mess anything up. Also congrats on the verification boo i love your blog been following since day one☕

A photo posted by fameolous.com (@fameolousent) on


Photos: ATLpics.net/Instagram

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