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Sasha Obama's Got A Summer Job! -- "Welcome To Nancy's, May I Take Your Order?" [PICS]


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When your parents give you "WE have money...but YOU do not" speech....


First Daughter Sasha Obama is out here stacking her own coins this summer at her first summer job slinging seafood.  Get the deets inside...

There's nothing we love more than a YBF Teen putting in work to earn respect...and their own coinage.

15-Year-Old Sasha Obama landed her first summer job at Nancy's on Martha's Vineyard (which is super yummy, by the way), and the fab teen has been spotted working the take out window and the register. 

The Boston Herald reports she's using her real name, Natasha, to take orders, bus tables and shell out good eats to the vacationers on the Vineyard.

While the job is quite public, she's extra safe with her six (yes, SIX) secret service men who come to work with her every day.  Every gal needs an entourage afterall.


Sasha's working about four hours a day until Saturday when the rest of her family gets there for their annual summer Vineyard vacay for two weeks.

"She’s been working downstairs at takeout,” said a server at the busy island eatery. “We were wondering why there were six people helping this girl, but then we found out who it was.”

Another server said she's been working there at the take-out window for a few days, and it's been "pretty random."

The Obamas are also good friends with the owner, Joe Moujabber.

First Lady Michelle Obama has said on many occasions that she and President Obama worked hard to make their daughters' lives as normal as possible.  They had to make their beds everyday, work hard in school (Sasha's big sis Malia will be attending Harvard after her gap year), and they're often seen at their fave performers' concerts like Beyoncé and more.


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The high schooler was seen bringing a tray of drinks to her secret service before they peeled off in their SUV.  Check out those pics and more pics of Sasha at work HERE.

Loves it.  Make that money Sasha! 



Photos: Christopher Evans of The Boston Herald/Getty

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