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POLITICAL FASHION FACE OFF! Congresswoman Joyce Beatty Styles In A White Puff Sleeve Dress Similar To Melania Trump’s


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It’s a political fashion face off! Decide if U.S. Representative Joyce Beatty or Melania Trump rocked this white puffed sleeve dress when you go inside…

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Last night, Joyce Beatty, U.S. Representative for the 3rd District of Ohio, took center stage at the Democratic National Convention to deliver a speech on unity. But folks were more concerned about her fashion statement.

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The Congressman wore a white puff sleeve dress that looks very similar to the Roksanda dress Melania Trump wore at the Republican National Convention last week. Did she “plagiarize” Melania’s dress, or was it SHADE?!  Ha!

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Congresswoman Beatty told Beatty told NBC4 her husband bought it for her and told her to wear it. Oh, and she added that she used her own words in the speech. Bloop!


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“Now it’s blowing up all over the nation that it’s the same as Mrs. Trump’s, but I don’t know,” she said.

It didn't take Twitter long to point out the comparisons and voice their opinions on who rocked it best:



















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