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Beyonce, Jay Z & Blue Ivy’s Picture Perfect Paris Flicks – Kisses, Matching Gucci Dresses, Eiffel Tower Views


 photo carterparis.jpg

Beyonce just posted up some beautiful family photos from her personal stash in Paris while on her FORMATION World Tour. Get into the Carters' picture perfect family flicks inside….

 photo knowlesp1.png

Oh to be The Carters!

Beyonce’s FORMATION Tour stopped in Paris last week and it was the perfect opportunity to snap up a few picture perfect flicks with the perfect back drop.

 photo KnowlesP10.png

When the Carters roll into town, they make sure it’s anything but fabulous. During their quick trip to Paris, Bey, Jay Z and Blue Ivy stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel in the exclusive top floor suite. It cost them about $19,000 a night, but that’s chump change for the world’s highest-paid celebrity couple.

They also hit nearby cities and countries to take in the coastal sites:

 photo KnowlesP5.png

 photo KnowlesP3.png

Werk it Blue Blue! The Carter kid already has this posing thing down. And why wouldn't she? She's learning from the best.

 photo KnowlesP9.png

For another fun moment, Bey and Blue got dressed up in Gucci dresses to play on the 900 sq ft balcony, plenty of room to jump around and be silly.

 photo Knowles8.png

How cute is this?! Little Blue twinning like her mama!

 photo KnowlesP7.png

 photo KnowlesP6.png

Blue got on her big girl steez pointing out flowers to her friend.

Of course, the Carters had to ride out for some fresh air:

 photo KnowlesP4.png

 photo KnowlesP2.png

Yep, got to hit the waters for a relaxing evening.


 photo KnowlesP13.png

The Carters hopped into a red old school ride for some sightseeing:

 photo KnowlesP11.png

 photo KnowlesP12.png

 photo KnowlesP14.png


Must be nice! 

Bey is scheduled to hit the stage at the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt, Germany on July 29th. By the way, Mrs. Carter nabbed 11 MTV VMA nominations, leading the pack. All hail the queen!


Photos: Beyonce.com

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