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Dr. Dre Gets Handcuffed In His Driveway After Man Said He Had A Gun!


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Dr. Dre found himself in handcuffs in his driveway after an alleged confrontation with another motorist. Was he arrested simply because he’s black? Decide for yourself inside….

Dr. Dre found himself in handcuffs after a citizen’s arrest outside of his home following an alleged road rage altercation.

According to TMZ, an argument ensued after a man parked in front of Dre’s Malibu home as he was turning into his driveway. The Hip Hop mogul asked the man to move, in which the man complied. The thing is, the man reportedly started to yell and curse at Dr. Dre as he moved.

Dre decided to pull out his phone to record the altercation and the man reportedly responded, "Here we go again, another black guy with a gun."

 photo drearrest2.jpg

Soon after, the unidentified man called L.A. County Sheriffs to report someone pulled a gun on him.

When police arrived, Dre was handcuffed and searched. The result? No gun. However, the motorist insisted on making a citizen’s arrest and filled out a report. Now, the paperwork will be sent to the district attorney who will ultimately decide if charges should be brought up against Dre.

Dre’s arrest comes amid reports that white people are calling the police on black people simply for being black. An unidentified police officer recently opened up about the numerous amounts of calls from white people complaining of “suspicious” people in their neighborhoods….who happen to be black.

We’re not taking up for Dr. Dre, but it does appear this arrest could be a case of a white person “fearing” a black person simply because of the color of their skin.

The times we live in. Thoughts?

Photo: Getty/TMZ

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