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Drake Throws Jabs At Joe Budden During “Summer Sixteen” Show In Dallas, Hit With A Fine For Late Concert


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Drake was in a playful mood during his Summer Sixteen concert in Dallas Thursday night where he threw a few shots at Joe Budden. Then, his pockets were hit after ending his concert late. Deets inside…

Drake made his way to Dallas Thursday night from Austin after kicking off his Summer Sixteen concert with Future.

During his set at the American Airlines Center, Drizzy decided to take a shot at Joe Budden. As you know, Joey has been coming from the Young Money rapper in a plethora of diss tracks, so it was long overdue. He mocked the NYC rapper’s hit track “Pump It Up,” before calling him out by name.

"I should have brought Joe Budden up here and let him do 'Pump It Up' one time tonight," Drake said. “Pump, pump, pump it up. F*ck them n*ggas."

Check it:



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As Drizzy continued running through his hits, he ran over his allotted time after a late start. He was supposed to be finished by midnight, but he basically said eff it and kept the concert going until HE was finished.

It's being reported the arena fined Drake $6,500 for every 15 minutes he went over. He didn’t care and he told the audience that.

The 6ix god ended up having to shell out $13,000 once he wrapped up his performance at 12:35am. Gotta love Drizzy.


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Drake's dad Dennis Graham was behind-the-scenes having a ball snapping pics for Instagram.

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He even ran into Iggy Azalea during the festivities. He captioned, "Iggy baby I need everybody not to fuck with my girl." Ha!

Photos: Drake's IG/Dennis' IG

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