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Kelly Price Explains Singing "As We Lay" At A Gospel Expo & Upsetting The Saints


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Yikes! Kelly Price is catching heat from church folk for singing her track “As We Lay” at a gospel expo. Hear her side of what went down inside….

The Saints are coming for Kelly Price!

Over the weekend, the R&B diva hit the stage at the Indiana Black Expo Gospel Showcase 2016 for a performance that has the congregation up in arms. Kelly hit the stage to perform one of her songs.  She oddly decided on her hit single “As We Lay.”  Chile....

Now, church folk are dragging her on social media for her song selection.

Peep a clip of her singing below:



While singing a song about a man and woman having an affair at a gospel expo does seem taboo, Kelly says people started going in on her without knowing the facts.  She claims there was a bit of a misunderstanding.

This morning, she clapped back at the saints. In a series of videos she posted to her Instagram account, Kelly reveals she was asked to perform her music (not her gospel tracks) at the event. She says after her performance, she didn’t appreciate the lady emcee who commented on her performance calling it inappropriate.  Dang, the emcee said it right then and there though?  Savage!

Kelly, who is the daughter of a preacher, says she’s fed up with the church bigotry and that it’s unacceptable.

“Church bigotry is unacceptable,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Either truly represent Christ views and his love or shut up! Christians are the ones who make Christ look bad! We cannot win people because all they see is hate and shade. #ImGodsChildToo”

In one clip she said, “I just off the stage at the Black Expo in Indianapolis and I had a very, very disheartening experience. ….. I think this type of ignorance and this type of church bigotry is ridiculous and is the reason why people won’t come to church because they run into this type of thing I am very, very angry and I needed to let everybody know that this is not right.”

Maybe Kelly was trying to show the aftermath of feeding the flesh (an affair) and not recognizing the devil?



Church bigotry must die so the love of Christ can shine! @iamgabbyj

A video posted by Kelly Price (@mskellyprice) on


In another clip, Kelly gets choked up while trying to explain why she decided to sing the song she did. “I can’t believe I’m still talking about this, she started. “I am the church girl who forreal grew up in the church, but foreal grew up in the industry. I know why people stay away from church people because I’ve heard what they’ve said about church people. People don’t want to know who God is because of the way church people represent him. I’m so hurt and I’m so angry. This is wrong and it has to stop.”



When does it end ....

A video posted by Kelly Price (@mskellyprice) on




She also expressed her frustrations via Twitter by reading her critics:








Kelly's friend/producer Rico Love came to her defense saying Kelly didn't even know it was gospel concert:

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And the Indiana Black Expo just took to their Facebook page saying it wasn't Kelly's fault as she wasn't scheduled to perform during the Gospel time slots.  They changed the time of her performance and it ended up running close to the Gospel Expo portion. 




So, saints and sinners, what are your thoughts on Kelly's performance after hearing HER side of the story?


Photos: Kelly's IG

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