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This Picture Of Big Sean & Married Jhene Aiko Has Us Raising Our Eyebrows + Lamar Odom Won't Fight (Second) Divorce From Khloe Kardashian


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Big Sean and Jhene Aiko (who is married, last we checked) are closer than close. Peep the backstage pic before their late night performance that us raising our eyebrows, plus, get the latest on Lamar Odom’s divorce from Khloe Kardashian inside….

Newly formed superduo TWENTY 88 (Big Sean & Jhene Aiko) was scheduled to perform on the “Late Late Show with James Corden” last night.

But before we show you their performance, we must address this ish.  This questionable picture of the duo. Backstage, Sean and Jhene were getting ready to hit the stage to perform their single “On The Way” when they stopped for a photo-op.

In the shot, Jhene (who is married to record producer Dot Da Genius) is propped up on Big Sean’s lap looking like a couple. While the picture seems harmless, it does raise our eyebrows being that Jhene is married. We know how PR works—if Sean and Jhene look like a couple that could lead to more album sales. But, this seems to be a bit much for a marketing ploy. And we wonder how her husband feels about it.

FYI -- We checked Do Da Genius' Instagram and we no longer see the marriage announcement he posted a few months ago. As a matter of fact, we no longer see ANY flicks of Jhene on his IG account. Hmm....trouble in paradise?  Or is HE in on it too?

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On Sean’s SnapChat, he posted up a few videos that feature Jhene where he refers to the Souled Out songstress as “lil baby.” Oh?

We’re not insinuating that they’re an item, but this picture is a bit suspect, even for a marketing ploy.

Anywho, peep their performance on the show below:

And since we're hearing these two will possibly work on more music together, we can expect the rumor mill to continue turning until someone speaks out.

In divorce news….

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Now that Lamar Odom has seemingly bounced back from his near death drug overdose, it appears his divorce to his wife Khloe Kardashian is going to move forward. Khloe filed for divorce for the 2nd time yesterday after filing the first time in December 2013.

According to TMZ, Lamar has decided not to fight the divorce as its being reported Khloe wants to move on and have kids. Sources say Lamar sat down with Khloe for a long talk where they decided to end the marriage, but vowed to remain friends.

We’ve heard this before, so we’ll believe it when we see it. In the meantime, we hope this doesn’t trigger Lamar to spiral back out of control.


Photos: Pacific Coast News/@adesamuel

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