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F*$& A Boys' Club -- 6 Fierce Quotes From Kerry Washington, Regina King, J.Lo & More A-List Women From 'The Hollywood Reporter' Cover


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What Boys' Club?  It's the ladies' turn to dictate what will (and won't) fly in Hollywood.  And it's only right seven A-list women tackle sexism in the tv & film industry -- extra candidly -- while rocking a gorgeous cover and spread. 


Find out what Kerry Washington, Regina King, J.Lo and more had to say during The Hollywood Reporter's roundtable and cover story..

The ladies have spoken.  Diva-dom, sexism, diversity, and everything else women have to fight daily while still looking fabulous.  Sarah Paulson, Jennifer Lopez, Julianna Margulies, Regina King, Constance Zimmer, Kerry Washington and Kirsten Dunst do this flawlessly.

In the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter, the sexy seven sit for a roundtable discussion on everything that really goes down in Hollywood when it comes to being a woman.  Those double standards, that word 'Dva,' and what they will and won't do on set before calling up their lawyers.

Here's our 6 fave quotes from the story so far:

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1.  Kerry Washington on the most overtly sexist thing she's experienced as an actor:"I'm in this very surreal environment right now having Shonda Rhimes as my boss, where it's almost the opposite. It is specified in scripts that guys take their shirts off all the time. The guys are naked all the time! And she has said to all the women on the show: "You want to do a love scene in a parka? You just let me know." So it's this weird, like, reparations moment where the girls get to do what they want to do and the guys get to do what they want to do, but they know what Shonda wants them to do."

2.  Sarah Paulson on (not) fighting the definition of sexy on the set:"I've never been asked to play the [romantic] leading lady without having to be a blonde.... I don't mind it, I like the blond — but to be told that in order to be considered a romantic lady opposite some hunky guy, I need to have long blond hair that looked very L.A. Real Housewives? It does do something to your brain. You go, "Gosh, so the way I came into the world is not as appealing as it would be if I were altered in some way?" That's a funny message to extend to a person. And that's the other thing: I did it. I put the extensions in, I blonded it up."

 photo THR_Jennifer_Lopez_20160321_THR_EMMY_ROUNDTABLE_S04_025_zpsbocen3zk.jpg

3.  Jennifer Lopez on unequal treatment of male and female actors that leads to her being called a diva:"I've always been fascinated by how much more well-behaved we have to be than men. I got a moniker of being "the diva," which I never felt I deserved — which I don't deserve — because I've always been a hard worker, on time, doing what I'm supposed to do, and getting that label because you reach a certain amount of success … ... Or even sometimes I felt crippled to voice my opinion, especially because certain directors and the boys' club that they form can make you feel like, "Oh, I can't say anything." I was always fascinated by how I could see [a man] being late or being belligerent to a crew and it being totally acceptable; meanwhile, I'd show up 15 minutes late and be berated. And you watch this happen over and over and over again. Like, we're not allowed to have certain opinions or even be passionate about something, or they'll be like, "God, she's really difficult." It's like, "Am I? Am I difficult because I care?""

4.  Kerry keeping it real on sex in Hollywood:"Part of it for me is the director and the producers and that trust. There have been times in my career where the nudity wasn't about the story, it wasn't about the character, it was just because that shit sells."

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5.  Reginaon that time she put her foot down on a gratuitous sex scene:"But sometimes you already have the job and the nudity conversation didn't come up until a couple seasons in. And then you get that script and go, "Whoa, oh, hmm …" (Mimics dialing her lawyer). The particular situation that I'm thinking of [on Southland], I didn't feel like [the scene] was honest to the character: If Lydia was going to have sex, I just didn't see her having sex like that. And they got it. They were respectful."

6.  Regina on schooling Hollywood on the fact smart & successful black moms do exist:"Every project I've worked on, as a whole I've learned something — not so much that the character that I'm playing has taught me something, but the people whom I'm working with or the story that's being told has taught me something about people. With American Crime, it was that so many people think that black people can't be elitist, that a black elitist doesn't exist. I'm just surprised how many people are so shocked that Terri [the well-to-do, strict mom to basketball player Kevin, played by Trevor Jackson] actually exists. I'm like, you don't know a Terri? I could show you three. (Laughter.)"

Read more of the cover story HERE. And check out more pics and video below:

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