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Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert Get Loved Up After The Cavs Game + T.I., Future, The Dream & More


 photo cavs teaser_zpsm8poo1xb.jpg

Celebs came out in droves to Friday night's Cavs. vs. Hawks game in Atlanta.  Teyana Taylor brought baby Iman to see papa Iman Shumpert ball out for Cleveland, plus T.I., Future, and more cheered on the ATL home team  Pics inside...


 photo PAW_0137_zpsvyrrfxmq.jpg

We gotta admit, these two are ridiculously cute.  Just four months after becoming parents to baby Iman Jr. after an emergency delivery in their bathroom, singer Teyana Taylor and fiance Cleveland Cavs baller Iman Shumpert appear to be more in love than ever.

The other night Teyana traveled to Atlanta to watch Iman and the Cavs beat the Hawks, and afterwards she gave him plenty of congratulatory hugs and kisses:

 photo PAW_0145_zpssjeenvu6.jpg photo PAW_0148_zpsjq9lrzxk.jpg

 photo PAW_0132_zpsqb8ksxs0.jpg

Awww.  Sickeningly sweet.

 photo PAW_0127_zpsbjbajquk.jpg  

 photo PAW_8751_zpsjunlghkg.jpg

Tey, draped in a yellow Billionaire Boys Club jacket, had baby Iman "backstage" at the arena rocking her headphones to protect her little ears:

 photo PAW_8232_zpsphfoszoy.jpg photo PAW_8221_zpsepg6ekao.jpg photo PAW_8203_zpssgmgabwo.jpg

 photo PAW_8199_zpsdxsof7ar.jpg

Then she met T.I.  Cute!

 photo PAW_8162_zpscbpmehgp.jpg photo PAW_8169_zpscmtildt3.jpg 

After doing his own pre-game press conference, TIP performed for his hometown during the game as well:

 photo PAW_7568_zpspycvp24v.jpg

 photo PAW_8084_zpslj3pj4jj.jpg

 photo DSC_3720_zpssdkagho6.jpg 

 photo PAW_9880_zps2hb6wytz.jpg

Future, Marlo Hampton and the Dream were courtside with TIP snapping pics and probably flossing on Snapchat and social media:

 photo PAW_8609_zpsw1uwcf9t.jpg photo PAW_8697_zps9tju4baq.jpg  

 photo PAW_8980_zpscgcw3igx.jpg photo PAW_8814_zpsddlbwlmk.jpg 

T.I. had Messiah (pictured below), King and Domani there with him.

After the game:

 photo PAW_0302_zpszhxz5kro.jpg

 photo PAW_0180_zps43u1aa1z.jpg

 photo PAW_0284_zpsnaapbqkf.jpg photo PAW_0231_zpskiyfahdb.jpg  

 photo PAW_0347_zpse0sbetmw.jpg

TIP, his nephews, his sons, and Kyrie Irving all chopped it up a bit. 


Photos: Prince Williams/ATLpics.net



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