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FOR THE RECORD: Cynthia Bailey Drops SEVERAL Bombs About Struggling Marriage + Sheree Whitfield Addresses "Knockoff Dress" Talk With Receipts


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Cynthia Bailey is spilling tea on her struggling marriage to Peter Thomas in a candid new interview. Find out if they’re calling it quits, plus, check out Sheree Whitfield’s receipts for those who called her “RHOA” reunion dress a knockoff inside….

Is it over for “Real Housewives of Altanta” star Cynthia Bailey and her husband Peter Thomas? Let Cynthia tell it, it may be.

By now you know, Cynthia and Peter have been having some major marital issues. There’s that shady IG video of Peter touching all on some random chick that caused a sh*tstorm of criticism online. Then, there are rumors around Atlanta about Peter’s supposed cheating ways that Porsha Williams loves to point out.

Not to mention, Peter spends most of his time in Charlotte, North Carolina working on his new restaurant, while Cynthia continues to build her own empire in Atlanta, along with being a mom to her daughter Noelle.

Well, it appears the Bailey Agency owner may have reached her boiling point in her marriage. In a very candid and brutally honest interview with ETOnline, Cynthia said she has no idea what’s next for her relationship with Peter. 

"Only God knows what's going to happen with that," said Cynthia. “There's a point where, if it's working, we'll keep going. And if it's not, then we might not keep going."

Cynthia and Peter have been working through their marital issues on the popular reality show, which Cynthia admits, has added to their overall stress and problems. During one scene on the show, Peter asks his wife when did she stop loving him, in which the eyewear designer said she was totally caught off guard by the question.

"I wasn't prepared for that question, 'cause I didn't know the answer," said Cynthia. "You know, I just went into it to break up."

The former runway model said her marriage to Peter has been hard work since the beginning, and now, she’s no longer happy. And with that unhappiness, she said she will make a change and move on with her life.

"I'm a lover of love," Cynthia continued "You know, I am the woman that will leave New York City and relocate with her child and nanny to Atlanta for love, OK? So, with that said, I think I get to be that same girl who can say, 'You know, I think it's time for me to pack up my tent -- my love tent -- and move somewhere else now.'"

And where might she go?

"I always thought that I would end up back in New York, but, I'm kind of feeling L.A.,” said Cynthia. “I love acting. Hopefully I move out to L.A., and there will be more acting opportunities."

We're sure she'll be loving the weather there as well.

Later, she talked about her ex-Leon Robinson and how HE is her true soul mate. Oh? She said, "Leon and I are soul mates. We just connected on a level that I never connected with anyone before ... as you can see on the show, I think it comes through that we do have this great relationship."

Mmmhmm…. Check out the interview below:

Another "RHOA" star speaking out....

 photo shertar1.jpg

Y’all know Sheree Whitfield is no stranger to a good read. But this go round, she did it rather subtly.

There’s talk that the gown Sheree is wearing for the “RHOA” season 8 reunion show is a Balmain KNOCKOFF. Not only that, folks have been comparing Sheree’s gown to “Empire” star Taraji P. Henson’s gown (in tan) that she wore at the NAACP Awards recently. Taraji’s dress is Balmain. And Sheree wants you to know, hers is too.

The “Who Gone Check Me Boo?” creator hopped on Instagram to post a screenshot of her $3122 Balmain dress (in the exact same color as hers) on the official website of the haute couture fashion house.

Below are the receipts:

 photo shertar2.png

She captioned:

 photo shertar3.png

Well there you have it.

Photos: Getty/The Brand Group/Sheree's IG

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