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Floyd Mayweather Spends Time With Three Of His "Sisterwives" In Miami (One Is A Teenager)...Gross Or Nah?


 photo floydbtease.jpg

Looks like Floyd Mayweather is sowing his wild oats in Miami with three different chicks, and one of them is a teenager. Gross or nah? Decide for yourselves inside….

We guess when you’re Floyd Mayweather Jr., an undefeated multi-millionaire boxing champ, you can have as many women as you want. And they’ll accept one another.

Floys has the internets talking, and they're saying he's formed a sisterwives-style clique of women who are his girlfriends, promote for him, or both.

Over the past week, Floyd has been living it up in Miami with three of his chicks, including one of his mainstay ride or dies named Bad Medina, another named Aileen Gisselle, and a 19-year-old named Raemarni Ball.

 photo Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 5.14.18 PM.png

We assume Bad Medina has the highest rank as she has been with Floyd the longest. Is that how this works?

The twosome had a night out on the town and went bike riding around Miami:


A video posted by @badmedina on


After hanging out with Bad Medina, the 39-year-old retired boxer linked up with another rumored girlfriend Aileen Gisselle and his new 19-year-old chick British chick Rmani Ellis:

 photo Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 5.20.27 PM.png

And as you can see, his two new chicks get along quite well. Aileen captioned, "& When You Become a Family, You Gotta Learn To Love One Another." Ugh.

Rmani seems happy to have joined the clan, posting coupledom pics of herself and Floyd on her IG:

 photo birds2.png

We hear the boxer flew his 19-year-old "girlfriend" to Miami on a private jet from the UK to spend some time with him.

 photo birds1.png

Andeven took her to the club:



A video posted by @mayweatherunlimited on



Aileen posted pics with Floyd as well:

 photo otherbird1.png

So...thoughts on this circus-o-lust?


Photos: Bad Medina's IG/Aileen's IG/Rmani's IG

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