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GOTTA LOVE THE KIDS: Zendaya, Yara Shahidi, KeKe Palmer & More Get SLIME-Y At 2016 Kids' Choice Awards


 photo kca2016.jpg

Last night, our fave YBF Kids and Teens (and some grown-ups) hit the 2016 Kids' Choice Awards orange carpet.  Catch up with the cute looks and Zendaya's heartfelt acceptance speech inside...

While plenty of celebs caught buckets of green slime to the body, The YBFers avoided getting slime'd at last night's Kids' Choice Awards.  Y'all know that would have been a PROBLEM.  But something tells us Disney queen Zendaya Coleman would have rolled with the punches:

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalsqMLu9gYrlDJl.jpg

The "Shake it Up" and "K.C. Undercover" star hit last night's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards orange carpet at The Forum in Inglewood in a pretty Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture dress and Charlotte Olympia shoes.


 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalsoIGeks_yTPel.jpg

The 19-year-old CoverGirl spokeswoman's face was beat to perfection as she topped off her look with a pink lip and a leather choker.

Do we spy a 'B' diamond ring?  Could said 'B' stand for Beckham, as in her rumored Giants baller boo Odell Beckham, Jr.?


 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivals-X81upHh4Ywl.jpg

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalsWQ5GGnzK9dvl.jpg

Just gorgeous.

 photo kca3.jpg

Z won the big award of the night -- Favorite Female TV Star.  After she went up to receive her award from Anthony Anderson (who she co-starred with in an episode of "black-ish", she gave a heartfelt speech that made us fall in love with her even more.

"This means so, so much to me. I've been doing this for a long time, and I do it for you guys. I just want you to know that doing and making positive programming for young people is so important to me, and I will keep doing it."

She also had a message to the moms and dads of her fans:

"To all the parents out there, thank you for allowing me to be a role model for your children. I really, really do not take that for granted."

Loves it!

"Scream Queens" star KeKe Palmer also hit the orange carpet in an orange leather dress after making an appearance at PaleyFest with her co-stars.  Why not match the carpet?

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalsmAWf7JEXbKql.jpg

She showed off her Levis/Alessandra De Tomaso jacket creation for her "street and sweet" look, as she describes her style as.

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalsdhoYrKzYBC1l.jpg

The "Grease: Live" star caught up with two of her faves from "black-ish" on the carpet.  KeKe was there to present alongside John Stamos, so she posted a Snapchat of them singing together before they went on:



I grew up in a town that was nicknamed Muddville because for the longest time they couldn't afford side walks. I grew up running through a pathway to get to my grandmother's house(it was my favorite pathway. I felt like I was in a fairytale) .. Where she would make me a cake,(jiffy cornbread with EXTRAAA sugah) and coffee(hot chocolate) and tell me tall tales. Like, how she broke her back in a car wreck and WALKED to the hospital, or how she sliced her finger off and SEWED IT BACK TOGETHER(she really told me this) or how she ran away from an abusive husband in Memphis to Chicago with her three children! Where she made a life for herself, had my mother who then had me. She duct taped her house together when it was "broken" and she NEVER slept in her bed, she would always nap in her chair in the kitchen ☺️.. I grew up with nothing, but I had everything in heart. I used to watch this man on television every single day, never would I have thought I would've gotten to sing this song with him. Even for a moment, on snapchat! Please follow your heart, you never know where it may lead you.

A video posted by Laurennnn Palmer (@kekepalmer) on

 photo kca4.jpg


Our fave Black-ish cutie, 16-year-old Yara Shahidi, kept it cute and colorful (and age appropriate) on the carpet:

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalsQGyYXTHoWkVl.jpg

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalsNE2UONFfuC2l.jpg

Love how she flosses her own unique and fresh style.

The YBF families took over the carpet too:

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsRedCarpetrdURdPIG8eml.jpg

Babyface, wife Nicole, and their 7-year-old daughter Peyton (and family friend) were all smiles.

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsRedCarpetiV33JnlqZt4l.jpg

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsRedCarpetJ9FDUTu0Vfgl.jpg

Holly Robinson Peete and her 11-year-old son Roman hit the carpet as they're promoting "For Peete's Sake," the fam's new OWN reality show!

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsRedCarpetmYF9san6Rcwl.jpg

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalsJbaZgpGrYtsl.jpg

"black-ish" star Anthony Anderson also brought his fam on the carpet.  He and his wife are in the middle of a divorce, so it was all about fam and the kids.

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalspJfHFsKRdMBl.jpg

Former "My Wife & Kids" star Jennifer Freeman brought her adorable daughter Isabella Watson on the carpet.  She and ex-husband Earl Watson, who went from NBA baller to current head coach for the Phoenix Suns, share the cutie patootie.

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsRedCarpet5BIXVjFkkcAl.jpg  

"Dance Moms" star Nia Frazier is all grown up!  The singer-dancer hit the carpet after performing there in previous years.

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalsW64W8Psi512l.jpg

Wiz Khalifa was there to perform his hit single "See You Again" with Charlie Puth.

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalsVlqTd2-jSicl.jpg           

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivalseshe9-jRjb_l.jpg 

Silentó!  The "Watch Me" rapper (who also has an amazing singing voice) took over the carpet in a colorful way.

 photo Nickelodeon2016KidsChoiceAwardsArrivals1UyQN2mwlBxl.jpg

Kel Mitchell, who was a Nickelodeon star in the 90's, and wife Asia also hit the carpet.  Good to see he's still looking well!


Photos: Getty/Instagram

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