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Future Performs On "SNL" With Jonah Hill & The Weeknd + Jay Pharoah Nails Black Comedian Impersonations


 photo SNL1697_Set_Photos_26_zps4if4gnxs.jpg

Future was the special musical guest on "SNL" last night.  He ended up rocking "Jumpman" without Drake, but WITH host Jonah Hill.  Ha!  Get the videos inside of all three of his performances and one with The Weeknd, plus Jay Pharoah NAILING black comedian impersonations...

 photo SNL1697_Set_Photos_06_zpsdl4wtcvl.jpg

We can't!  Future hit up "SNL" last night, and you could tell host Jonah Hill has been ITCHING to drop Drake's bars off "Jumpman" for a while now.  The comedian/actor hilariously rapped the track with Future during his monologue.

Check it:

Then, Ciara's baby's father rocked two performances throughout the show.  The ATL brought out The Weeknd, who was "SNL"'s musical guest this past October, for "Low Life" and also performed "March Madness" later.  Check 'em below:



"SNL" star Jay Pharoah brought the hilariousness with his epic impersonation skills that helped land him the "SNL" job in the first place.  This time, he served up damn near every black comedian during The Weekend Update.  Check it blow:


More pics from Future's appearance and promos:

 photo SNL1697_Set_Photos_27_zpsll6sroqm.jpg

 photo SNL1697_Bumpers_03_zpsrjuqd5ij.jpg photo SNL1697_Set_Photos_40_zpspv84hgjs.jpg photo SNL1697_Set_Photos_41_zpszmpjis5x.jpg   photo SNL1697_Bumpers_09_zpsyzzab3hs.jpg photo SNL1697_Bumpers_06_zpsgfxtpwes.jpg




Photos: Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC, Dana Edelson/NBC

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