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[UPDATED] Bobbi Kristina’s FULL Autopsy Report Released On Her Birthday, Bobby Brown Responds + Nina Simone’s Brother Calls Zoe Saldana Casting "Insulting"


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Bobbi KristinaBrown’s full autopsy report has been revealed on what would have been her 23rd birthday. Get those details and find out what Nina Simone’s brother Sam Waymon has to say about Zoe Saldana portraying Nina inside….


Bobbi Kristina's father Bobby Brown, who will become a dad again soon, issued a statement regarding his daughter's autopsy report being released today. As expected, he's pissed. The Wrap released his statement:

“For news affiliates to seek and obtain my daughter’s autopsy report, before anyone has been brought to justice for her death is mind blowing to me,” said Bobby.

He continued:

“First and foremost, 23 years ago today, Bobbi Kristina was born. Krissy will always live in my heart and soul. I love my baby girl. Please pray for my family,” he added.




Bobbi Kristina Brown’s full autopsy report has been released today which marks what would have been her 23rd birthday.

TMZ got their hands on the autopsy report by the Fulton County Medical Examiner where it was revealed BK's cause of death was lobar pneumonia and encephalopathy -- meaning her lungs filled with water and her brain was injured.

She died due to "Immersion of face in water complicating mixed drug intoxication." The reports revealed the drugs found in her system were marijuana, alcohol, a cocaine-related substance called benzoylecgonine, benzodiazepines (prescription anti-anxiety meds) and morphine.

You’ll recall, Bobbi Kris was found submerged under water in her bathroom on January 31st. She was found by her then boyfriend Nick Gordon.

Sounds very similar to the way her mom, the iconic Whitney Houston, passed away when she was found submerged under water in the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 11th before the Grammys.

Bobbi Kris was put on life support until her family decided to take her off and she passed away on July 26th in hospice care.

The results were being held because the Fulton County D.A. thought it would interfere with an ongoing criminal investigation (the death was ruled a homicide) into whether Nick had anything to do with her death. A judge decided to release the report after Atlanta station WXIA argued its First Amendment rights.

This news could help Nick Gordon from being criminally charged, as the medical examiner could not determine if her death was “due to intentional or accidental causes." But, Nick still faces a $40 million wrongful death lawsuit brought on by BK’s estate.

You can check out the official paperwork here.

May Bobbi Kris rest in peace.


In other news....

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We know how Nina Simone’s daughter and the estate feel about the upcoming biopic NINA. Now, Nina’s brother Sam Waymon is speaking out.

According to Sam, he says his sister would be pissed if she knew Zoe Saldana (of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent) was made up in “black face” and a prosthetic nose to portray her. TMZ reports he said "painting up" a light-skinned actress is insulting, and "raping Nina's legacy."

Sam then suggests a few actresses that could have played Nina, including Viola Davis or India Arie. This news comes days after Nina Simone's estate blasted Zoe on Twitter. If you missed it, get those deets HERE


So that clap back from Nina Simone’s estate at Zoe Saldana on Twitter wasn’t Nina’s daughter Lisa Simone Kelly? That's what she's saying.

The singer’s daughter told TIME magazine she was unaware of the tweet and that they had hired a family friend, Aaron Overfield, to manage the official website and Facebook page years ago. Still no official word on who runs the verified Twitter account.

While Lisa said she didn’t post the tweet, she still doesn’t support the film. She told the publication Nina Simone’s family is NOT upset with Zoe Saldana, but they certainly don’t support the film, especially since they claim the estate was never asked to be involved.

“It’s unfortunate that Zoe Saldana is being attacked so viciously when she is someone who is part of a larger picture,” said Lisa. “It’s clear she brought her best to this project, but unfortunately she’s being attacked when she’s not responsible for any of the writing or the lies.”

Well there you have it. Are we buying it?


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