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TEARS: Hero Jamie Foxx & Father Of Man He Saved Have A Tearful Meeting + 2 Chainz Saves A Family Of 11 With A HOME!


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Jamie Foxx is a real life hero, and now he's speaking out about how he saved a man's life.  Get the video inside, plus what 2 Chainz is doing to save a family in Atlanta...

They're not just entertainers, they're doing good things off stage and in real life too.

We told you how Jamie Foxx helped rescue a man, 32-year-old Brett Kyle, from a burning car that happened to crash right outside his house earlier this week.  Reportedly, Brett was driving under the influence.  He ended up breaking his collarbone, but survived.

Now, Jamie is telling the story himself, alongside Brett's dad Brad.  Jamie posted the above photo after meeting him Monday saying:

Met the father of the young man from last night today. This is all that matters. That a man, a son, a brother's life was spared last night. God had his arms wrapped around all of us...No heroes...Just happy fathers.

Awww.  Then they went outside Jamie home to chat with the media.  Jamie explained what happened saying:

"He has EMT scissors. He hits the glass, I climb in and try to hit his seat belt, but he's hovered over, so the seat belt is on him. So I grabbed the scissors from him, cut the seat belt, but it's on his neck. So I cut it off his neck. And then, as the flames do come into the cabin, I lean back, but I think what it did is it hit his legs, which made him extend. And when he extends out of the cabin, pull him out, and as we pull him out, within five seconds later, the truck goes up."

Brad broke down into tears saying:

"It doesn't matter to me who it was, or what they do for a living, or whatever. Just the idea that someone would do that is so much more than I can fathom. it's all tears of joy. He's got two sisters and a brother, they would've lost their brother if it wasn't for him."

Check the video below.


In other do-gooder news:

 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.35.41 AM_zpsuse9e1mv.png

2 Chainz is still making a difference in the lives of fellow ATL residents, still using his Dabbin Santa Christmas Sweater coins.

This week, he donated a five bedroom, three bathroom home to a family of 11 through his TRU Foundation.  Amazing!

The family has 9 kids, including two sets of twins, and they were scheduled to be put out of their home the next day.

Then it was 2 Chainz to the rescue!

In the video, which captured the touching occasion, the family patriarch says:

“We ain’t know where we was gonna go.  We was not looking forward to nothing like this. It is way over our head, but we gonna learn how to deal with it. But we thank God for it. … Now we don’t have to cry no more. We don’t have to worry nothin no more.”


The rapper said about the good deed:

“I’m looking forward to seeing their smiles.  I’m looking forward to the kids growing up knowing that Uncle 2 Chainz came through. All you gotta do is pray… Keep praying. You gotta have faith. You gotta believe.”

Ugh.  *Real Tears*


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