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Mendeecees Harris Checks Into Jail, Pens Last Letter For His Fans


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"LAHH" star and Yandy Harris' hubby, Mendeecees Harris, has checked into prison to start his 8-year bid.  Get his last words to his fans inside...

Mendeecees has checked in to Federal Correctional Institution Allenwood in Pennsylvania to serve his time due for federal drug charges.  The reality star and plead guilty for conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine, and was sentenced to 8 years according to his plea deal.

He's used his time on the outside before and after sentencing to make some changes in his life and to be a better person.  Still, he must serve his time.

Before he went in, he took to his social media to address his fans and telling his story with hopes of touching someone else's life:

I know for some of you it feels like we've been here before, it's the never ending story or some of you are probably so sick of hearing about me and this case that you completely tapped out and just don't give a F#%k anymore, maybe never did (For you, stop reading now and please unfollow Asap). This message is for all those that have supported me, grew with me, changed hearts, minds and perspectives with me. When I was young, hungry and closed minded I acted as such. Now I'm wiser but it's wisdom born through pain, so that means enduring this will just make me wiser and stronger. But who would have thought "Young DeeCee" that wore the ripped up worn shoes, that went to school on sugar sandwiches and borrowed rice would ever have a voice to speak to the masses. I was the one with nothing, no push to go to school, no dinner on the table at night, no kiss goodbye in the morning, all I had was me for awhile. Just Me, plane ole me ( I don't have college degrees, a huge resume of internships and jobs) would be able to influence a generation. Who would have thought that my family would be a beacon of hope and love through out a community that's so often taught family dysfunction, dissension and disloyalty.

Then he challenged men to step up and do better, regardless of the cards they've been dealt in life:

Men, step up! I've been there, where you are and I've learned in the end It truly is FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING! Fathers, go raise men! Men to lead their family. Men to do the right thing. No matter what you had to do or may still be doing raise them babies right! Also, when you raise a man you teach an individual but when you raise a woman you build a nation. Protect our nation builders fellas! I could go on for days but I want y'all to know I'm good [heartbroken emoji] but good. My family is strong, real strong, so their good. Keep @theharrisbunch in your prayers and I will keep you all updated through my brother running my page. Be blessed, keep in contact, build and encourage each other, stop the hating and see you when I return.

Mendeecees, Yandy and the kids have been traveling to several different cities this past week doing a farewell party tour of sorts, and they caught up with homies Kimbella, Juelz Santana and more for a last meal:

 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.36.33 AM_zpshptkdgit.png photo Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.36.19 AM_zpsgj1pqk5z.png

Hopefully, he comes out an even better man for his wife and kids.  Stay up!


Photos: Mendeecees' IG

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